Ace Attorney Chronicles: Unveiling the Wacky World of Courtroom Drama!

Welcome, fellow defenders of justice, to the thrilling realm of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy! This remarkable collection brings together the latter half of the main Ace Attorney series, featuring the unforgettable adventures of Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, and Spirit of Justice. Not only do we get to experience these formerly 3DS-exclusive titles on modern hardware, but we're also treated to the delightful HD coat of paint on Apollo's first DS adventure.

Prepare yourselves for a mind-boggling journey through 14 mind-bending cases, and if you count the bundled-in DLC cases (which, by the way, come at no extra cost), that number rises to a whopping 16! From two-hour quickies to epic 12-hour trials, get ready for an abundance of desk-pounding and finger-pointing. But fear not, dear reader! If you're looking to dive headfirst into the juiciest chapters, our nifty new menu system will guide you to the crème de la crème. So, which cases should you pick? Let's find out!

Picture this: Themis Legal Academy, the holy grail for aspiring lawyers. The esteemed defense attorneys and prosecutors of yore all hail from this prestigious institution. In this chapter, the legendary Phoenix Wright himself is summoned to deliver a speech to prospective students. However, the event takes an unexpected turn when the beloved teacher, Constance Courte, turns up dead. Talk about a killer education!

Now, let's move on to Turnabout Academy, a pivotal chapter in Dual Destinies. Here, our newcomer Athena takes center stage, showcasing her legal prowess. Sure, her nerves got the best of her in the tutorial case, Turnabout Countdown, but this time, she's ready to shine. Brace yourselves for a breezy case that allows Athena to cut her teeth as she encounters fascinating cameos from the likes of the charismatic Klavier Gavin.

Ah, Turnabout Serenade, the underdog of Apollo Justice. But don't let that fool you, my friends, for even in the face of consistent quality, this case holds its own. Famed European singer Lamiroir is set to perform on stage with the Gavinners, but chaos ensues when Klavier's guitar spontaneously combusts, and a bodyguard gets shot in the dressing rooms. Get ready for a pixel-hunting extravaganza as you meticulously dissect the shockingly well-animated videotape of the concert. Just be prepared for some ludicrous accusations involving a child and a massive gun. Ah, the wonders of the courtroom!

Next up, we have Turnabout Reclaimed, a lost gem from the 3DS eShop. Thanks to the resurrection powers of the trilogy, this chapter shines brighter than ever before. Brace yourself for Phoenix's first case after his badge gets reinstated, and trust me, it's no ordinary case. In true Wright fashion, he finds himself defending an orca named Orla at a local aquarium. Yes, you read that right, an orca! With the help of resident pirate cosplayer Sasha Buckler, Phoenix and his crew embark on a surreal adventure. Who knew we would be cross-examining parrots and aquatic creatures in the same courtroom?

Now, hold on to your legal briefs for Turnabout Succession, the intended swan song for Phoenix Wright as the torchbearer of future installments. Alas, Capcom didn't want to part ways with Phoenix's spiky-haired charm just yet, but that doesn't stop this chapter from being an absolute blockbuster finale. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride as Phoenix and Apollo uncover the conniving mastermind, Kristoph Gavin. With countless revelations about Apollo and Trucy's familial ties, this page-turner will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ah, Maya Fey, the beloved spirit medium who left us longing for more after Trials and Tribulations. In Spirit of Justice, we finally reunite with Maya, and the joy is palpable. Well, for about 15 minutes, that is, before she finds herself in handcuffs once again. It's becoming a tradition, you see. This time, she's accused of murdering a local monk, Tahrust Inmee, atop a spiritual mountain. Phoenix must navigate the intricacies of Khura'inese law and the enigmatic Divination Seances to clear her name. Oh, Maya, the courtroom drama just can't resist you!

Now, let's turn our attention to Dual Destinies' explosive opening case, Turnabout Countdown. Capcom wanted to kickstart the 3D era of Ace Attorney with a bang, and boy, did they deliver! In the dark age of the law, courthouses are being bombed left, right, and center. Apollo becomes an unfortunate victim, leaving Athena to step up to the plate. However, the prosecutionseems to have a trick up their sleeve, as they introduce the Mood Matrix, a device that allows the reading of emotions during testimonies. Get ready for a thrilling ride as you unravel the truth behind these courtroom bombings and unveil a shocking conspiracy.

Last but not least, we have Turnabout Revolution, the climactic finale of Spirit of Justice. Prepare to be whisked away to the mystical kingdom of Khura'in, where defense attorneys are treated like criminals, and the dark secrets of the royal family lurk in the shadows. Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena find themselves entangled in a high-stakes battle, fighting for justice in a foreign land. With the introduction of the Divination Séance and the revolutionary "Defense Culpability Act," this case will keep you on your toes until the very end.

So, dear readers, as you embark on this wild journey through the Ace Attorney Chronicles, brace yourselves for the zany characters, the witty banter, and the outrageous plot twists that have made this series a fan-favorite. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the courtroom, there's no doubt that you'll be captivated by the wacky world of courtroom drama that awaits you. Get ready to shout "Objection!" and "Hold it!" as you unravel the truth and defend your clients with unwavering resolve. The gavel is in your hands.

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