In the realm of gaming, few deaths have left such an indelible mark as Aerith's tragic demise in the original Final Fantasy VII. The shockwaves from her brutal stabbing by Sephiroth pierced not only our hearts but also the very essence of storytelling in video games. This breathtaking moment, where a beloved flower seller met an untimely end, showcased the unparalleled emotional power that games can evoke. And now, as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth looms on the horizon, we argue that Aerith must die again, for sparing her would be a grave mistake.

Aerith's death struck a chord with players worldwide, and for good reason. Not only had we grown to love this charming character, but we had also invested countless hours in leveling her up and making her an invaluable member of our party. Alas, all that progress was ripped away in a single heart-wrenching cutscene, leaving us traumatized and the heroes of Midgar bereft. It was a moment that sparked endless debates among fans, even after two decades, as her loss had such a profound impact. And that, my friends, is precisely why it must happen again.

While some speculate that Aerith's fateful encounter with Sephiroth will occur in FFVII Rebirth, others hope that this time Square Enix will grant her a reprieve or offer a path to salvation. These fans, still haunted by the pain of her initial demise, see the remake series as an opportunity to right what they perceive as a mistake. They dream of rewriting history, of finding a way to save Aerith from her tragic fate. But alas, the game guides and wikis of the internet have failed to uncover any such solution, leaving these hopeful souls in despair.

Yet, with the arrival of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, a glimmer of hope emerged once more. As other important characters, like Zack, eluded death in the remake series, those who yearned to prevent Aerith's demise resurfaced. Some even demanded retroactive vindication from Square Enix, urging them to acknowledge their long-standing belief. But here's the twist: the remakes exist in an alternate timeline, one that coexists with the original FFVII events. However, shadowy forces are at work, seeking to restore the timeline, and this should concern the would-be saviors of Aerith.

We firmly believe that Square Enix must resist the pleas of fans who wish to save Aerith. In fact, we argue that they owe it to these fans not to yield. We suspect that the developers already know this and have a plan in motion, one that will captivate and traumatize FFVII players all over again. Our prediction? Aerith will survive her encounter with Sephiroth, defying everyone's expectations, only to meet her demise later in the story. Cloud, like the players, will desperately try to save her, but fate will conspire against them, repeatedly snuffing out Aerith's life.

Cloud will eventually learn the truth about the events unfolding around him, discovering that they have occurred before. He will realize that no matter the universe, saving Aerith is a futile endeavor. It is her death that ignites the fire within Cloud, propelling him to become the hero Midgar needs. Aerith's sacrifice is what drives him to save the world, as it did in the original game. And let's not forget, we also worry for Zack and even Biggs, both alive in the remake series but doomed in the original timeline.

In this way, the remakes can forge a new path while still paying homage to the past. The enigmatic storyline involving shadowy entities appears to be building towards something significant—an attempt to rectify the timeline. Zack's death, too, is an integral part of Cloud's journey, but we suspect his survival may serve as a cruel red herring, playing with our hopes that Aerith might also endure. Square Enix is well aware that fans lack the same emotional connection to Zack as they do to Aerith, and they could exploit this brilliantly.

Let's be clear: Aerith's death in 1997 was never a mistake that needs correcting. For many fans, it marked their first emotional connection to a fictional character, or at the very least, their first such connection to a video game. The mourning of Aerith's loss was genuine and continues to resonate with fans to this day. We empathize with their attachment, but it is precisely this connection that now fuels the desire to save her in the FFVII remakes. What they fail to grasp is that without her death, their connection to her would never have been so profound.

Aerith's survival, whether in the past or present, would cheapen the entire story of Final Fantasy VII and diminish what made it so unforgettable and emotionally charged. Ifyou enjoyed the original game and were moved by Aerith's death, you owe it to yourself to experience that same heart-wrenching moment once more in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Embrace the tragic brilliance of her demise and allow it to fuel your journey through the game, just as it did over two decades ago. Only by accepting the inevitability of her death can we fully appreciate the impact it had on us as players and the legacy it has left in the world of gaming.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has the potential to be a transformative experience, reimagining a beloved classic while staying true to its core themes and emotional depth. Aerith's untimely demise must be a part of that experience, as it is an essential element of the story's power. By witnessing her tragic fate once more, we can rediscover the profound impact that video games can have on our emotions and immerse ourselves in the brilliance of storytelling that Square Enix has crafted.

So, as you embark on your journey through Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, be prepared to shed tears, feel loss, and experience the full range of emotions that Aerith's death evokes. Embrace the tragic brilliance of her demise and allow it to remind you of the power of storytelling in video games. Let her sacrifice inspire you as you join Cloud and his companions in their quest to save the world. And remember, sometimes the most impactful moments in gaming are the ones that leave us shattered, forever etched in our memories as testaments to the incredible artistry and emotional resonance of the medium.

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