In the thrilling fourth case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Turnabout Serenade, we find ourselves entangled in a web of secrets. This case brings together the Troupe Gramarye, Trucy's enigmatic past, Apollo's intriguing backstory, and the notorious case that led to Phoenix Wright's disbarment seven years ago. As the final and most challenging case of the game, it requires you to be at the top of your game, ready to tackle tricky logic and confront brutal witnesses. But fear not, we're here to guide you through this labyrinthine adventure!

Our journey begins with a mysterious and bewildering introduction, leading us to the familiar setting of the Wright Anything Agency. Start by engaging in a conversation with Phoenix about the four key topics. Afterward, head to the Detention Center to meet your client, the enigmatic Vera Misham. While she may not offer much information, she will unlock the next destination on our path: the Drew Studio.

At the Drew Studio, have a chat with the ever-knowledgeable Ema, who will provide valuable insights into the case. Once you've gathered all the necessary information, it's time to examine the crime scene. Pay close attention to the following details:

  1. Present the Red Envelope and Coffee Cup to Ema, then engage her in a discussion about Forensic Science.

  2. Take a closer look at the Coffee Cup and inspect the blue stain on the rim. Present the Coffee Cup to Ema once more. After some conversation, you'll be prompted to search for more poison in the room. Try spraying the detection reagent randomly a few times, and then Trucy will suggest examining the little desk. Spray the small red frame with the reagent.

  3. Present the Red Envelope to Ema to learn how to use the X-Ray machine. You'll need to go through three separate X-Ray sequences to progress. Once completed, engage in a further conversation with Ema, but for now, we've exhausted our options here.

Next, make your way to the Sunshine Coliseum. Here, present Brushel's Card and the Gramarye Envelope to Valant, followed by an in-depth discussion about everything. Once Valant departs, head back to the Detention Center (via the Wright Anything Agency) to meet Spark Brushel. Engage in a conversation with Spark to gather more crucial information.

After speaking to Spark, return to the Drew Studio and present the Hidden Painting to Ema. You'll learn about Drew's skills as a forger, prompting a discussion on this new topic. Following that, present the three regular paintings to Ema, giving you the opportunity to X-Ray all three of them. With the investigation concluded, it's time to head to court!

What follows next is a gripping dive into the past, precisely seven years ago. In this unique sequence, you'll gain access to eight different locations, allowing you to gather evidence and knowledge at your own pace until you've completed them all. Refer to the table below for the steps to follow.

Once you've completed all the steps, the MASON System closes, and we return to reality, ready to face the courtroom drama.

Back in the courtroom, you'll face some critical choices before the final witness takes the stand. Start by demonstrating how Vera was poisoned and present the Nail Polish as evidence. To deliver the final blow, when asked who poisoned Vera, present Kristoph's profile.

This will conclude the cross-examination, but there's one more crucial decision you must make. You'll assume the role of Juror Number Six and be asked to determine Vera Misham's guilt or innocence.

Now, armed with your wit, logic, and a touch of dramatic flair, let the truth prevail in the captivating case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - Turnabout Serenade!