In the vibrant world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, trainers were introduced to a plethora of new critters that quickly captured the hearts of players. However, amidst the excitement, controversy brewed around a particular Gen 9 Pokemon that had an intriguing impact on the competitive scene, especially in the VGC. With a total of 120 new species, including captivating cross-gen evolutions like Farigiraf, Dipplin, and Hydrapplin, the spotlight fell on Archaludon, the evolved form of Gen 8's Duraludon. Let's dive into the enigmatic nature of Archaludon and its significance within the Pokemon universe.

The Electrifying Power of Archaludon:
Archaludon stands out as a force to be reckoned with due to its exceptional stats, formidable moves, and impressive Abilities. One of its standout features in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is its signature move, Electro Shot. This electrifying move not only boosts Archaludon's Special Attack but also unleashes a powerful bolt of electricity upon its target. Interestingly, this move can be skipped in rain teams, adding a strategic twist to battles. Archaludon's unique blend of power and versatility challenges the conventional boundaries of its kind.

Archaludon: Breaking the Mold of Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon:
Archaludon disrupts the established traditions of pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, both adhering to and deviating from the criteria that define this prestigious group. With a base stat total (BST) of 600, Archaludon aligns with the common factor among existing pseudo-Legendary Pokemon. However, it diverges from the norm by not belonging to the Slow experience group and lacking a three-stage evolution. This presents an intriguing opportunity for Pokemon Gen 10 to redefine the classification or embrace Archaludon as a unique exception.

A Chance for Evolutionary Clarity:
To solidify Archaludon's standing and clarify its pseudo-Legendary status, Gen 10 could introduce a pre-evolution for Duraludon. By completing the evolutionary line and adding a third stage, the rules that govern pseudo-Legendary Pokemon would be satisfied. This addition would not only enhance the lore and coherence of Archaludon's line but also provide a sense of progression for Duraludon, which initially debuted with high stats and late-game availability. A baby form with stricter evolution criteria would bridge this gap, drawing inspiration from past Pokemon such as Budew and Magby.

Designing the Foundations of Archaludon's Pre-Evolution:
Duraludon and Archaludon both exhibit architectural designs, with Duraludon's Gigantamax form resembling a towering condominium and Archaludon taking the shape of Unova's Skyarrow Bridge. Taking cues from these design themes, Gen 10 could introduce a Duraludon pre-evolution that embodies a construction site Pokemon, or perhaps a critter resembling the foundations of a building. This pre-evolution could exclusively be a Steel-type, deferring its Dragon typing until later in its evolutionary journey. Such an addition would further enrich the world of Pokemon and add depth to Archaludon's evolutionary line.

The Controversial Legacy of Archaludon:
While addressing the Archaludon controversy is essential, Game Freak could opt to maintain the unique status of this particular Pokemon in Gen 10. However, to maintain consistency, Gen 10's own pseudo-Legendary Pokemon could adhere to the established rules. Regardless of the chosen path, the enigma of Archaludon has left a lasting impression on trainers and has sparked discussions on the evolution of pseudo-Legendary Pokemon.

In the ever-evolving world of Pokemon, Archaludon shines as an enigmatic and powerful addition to the roster of Gen 9 Pokemon. With its exceptional stats, signature moves, and deviations from the pseudo-Legendary norms, Archaludon has left trainers pondering its classification and future in the Pokemon universe. Whether Game Freak decides to redefine the rules or leave Archaludon as a distinctive exception, one thing is certain: the legacy of this captivating creature will continue to captivate trainers and inspire discussions for generations to come.

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