Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the intriguing world of Assassin's Creed Origins! Today, we dive into the depths of a level 17 side quest that will put your investigative skills to the test. In "Taste of Her Sting," you'll embark on a perilous journey to uncover the mysteries behind a series of ritual sacrifices marked by the symbol of the goddess Serqet – a Scorpion. Get ready to explore the vast lands of Egypt as we guide you through the four enigmatic ritual sites.

The Lost Crypt: A Bloody Beginning
To initiate this captivating quest, make your way to the southern part of Lake Mareotis and seek out the Lost Crypt. Oh, but beware, for this area is not for the faint-hearted. Once you stumble upon the bloody ritual site, Bayek, our valiant hero, will comment on its grisly state, marking the start of your thrilling adventure.

The First Ritual Site: Unveiling Clues
The first site you must investigate is conveniently located within the same area where you began your quest. Here, your keen observation skills will be put to the test as you search for five crucial clues. Fear not, for the Animus Pulse will come to your aid, highlighting investigatable objects with an orange quest marker. Keep your eyes peeled, my friend!

The Shrine of Serapis: A Mysterious Presence
Venture northeast to Kanopos Nome, where the second ritual site awaits you at the enigmatic Shrine of Serapis. This corner of the world holds secrets yet to be revealed. Similar to the first site, you'll need to investigate five objects to unravel the truth hidden within these sacred grounds. Prepare to delve deep into the mysteries of Serqet's domain.

Crocodile Lair: Unleashing the Beast
Now, let's journey to the southeast part of Kanopos Nome, on the border to Sap-Meh Nome. Here lies the third ritual site, near a menacing Crocodile Lair. Take a moment to appreciate the bravery required to tangle with these fearsome creatures. Within this perilous location, you'll need to investigate four items, each holding a clue that inches you closer to the heart of the mystery.

Sapi-Res Ruins: Echoes of the Past
Our next destination takes us to the central part of Sapi-Res Nome, to the east of Nikou Fort, where the fourth ritual site resides. Amidst the crumbling Sapi-Res Ruins, you'll find yourself face to face with four intriguing items, each whispering tales of ages long gone. Explore these ruins with utmost caution, my friend, for danger lurks in every shadow.

The Final Leg: Old Temple Awaits
With the information gathered from the previous four ritual sites, your map will guide you to the Old Temple in Ka-Khem Nome, marking the final leg of this enthralling quest. Brace yourself, for this is where things get truly exciting! Battle against ruffians who dare to stand in your way, then descend the stairs to discover a mysterious crack in the wall emitting haunting chants.

The Prophet of Serqet: Confronting the Scorpion
With the help of our loyal companion, Senu, mark your target and venture to the cave entrance. Prepare yourself for a treacherous journey through the winding tunnels until you reach the heart of darkness. There, you shall face the fearsome Scorpion, the Prophet of Serqet, and his devoted worshipers. Engage in a battle of wits and might, for the fate of Egypt hangs in the balance.

Triumph and Rewards
Defeat the malevolent Scorpion and his followers, ensuring justice prevails in the land of the Pharaohs. Once the dust settles and your victory is secured, don't forget to collect your spoils! Loot the jars scattered around the cave and claim the grand treasure chest at its center, filled to the brim with gold and a variety of glorious weapons.

As the sun sets over the breathtaking Egyptian landscape, "Taste of Her Sting" will forever be etched in your mind as a remarkable adventure. Unraveling the secrets of Serqet's rituals, you have demonstrated your courage and wit. So, fellow explorer, heed the call of Assassin's Creed Origins and embark on more thrilling quests that await you in this mesmerizing ancient world.

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