Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and witness the tale of Aurelion Sol, the celestial champion who has fallen from grace in the realm of League of Legends. Oh, how the mighty have stumbled! Players are in an uproar, claiming that Aurelion Sol is now worse than his prepatch self, all thanks to a hotfix from Riot that nerfed the champion following his mini-rework. Brace yourselves for a galactic rollercoaster of emotions!

Aurelion Sol, the answer to players' cosmic yearnings, burst onto the scene with stars orbiting around him, dealing damage to anyone foolish enough to cross his path. Ah, but alas, this celestial spectacle soon became a clunky gameplay experience, leaving players more frustrated than a Teemo caught in a mushroom field. Yet, despite the awkwardness, Aurelion Sol's win rate soared to astronomical heights, even with a modest pick rate. And so, Riot decided to tinker with the champion in 2023, bestowing upon him new Q, E, and R abilities.

As the rework took flight, Aurelion Sol's win rate skyrocketed like a comet on a collision course. Riot, ever the vigilant caretaker, began to whittle away at the champion's strength. Slowly but surely, they brought him back down to earth. The once-shining star faded into obscurity, rarely seen on the battlefield due to his underwhelming numbers. Yet, hope flickered like a distant supernova when Patch 14.3 arrived, bearing a mini-rework for Aurelion Sol. Once again, he burst forth, his win rate ascending with each passing match. But alas, his glory was short-lived.

In a twist of fate, Riot unleashed a hotfix, a cosmic slap to Aurelion Sol's stellar visage. The champion was nerfed, his power diminished, and the players cried out in despair. They claimed that this hotfixed version of Aurelion Sol was now weaker than his pre-update self, rendering the entire mini-rework utterly pointless. Oh, the cosmic irony!

"He went from 14/15.5/17/18.5/20% pre-patch to 18/20/22/24/26% and now 8/9/10/11/12% post hotfix," one player lamented, listing the diminishing power of Aurelion Sol's W ability. "And let us not forget the loss of his E stacking, not to mention his Q only granting 2 stacks instead of the previous 3. Riot truly has a special talent for making champions worse than their prepatch selves."

The ability to farm with Aurelion Sol's Q was reduced, and the damage dealt while using W was more than halved with the hotfix. Players couldn't help but exclaim, "What in the holy fk! You can't make this sh up!" Their frustration echoed through the digital cosmos.

"I'm convinced they're just rolling the dice at this point," declared a disillusioned player, their faith in Riot's balancing efforts shaken to the core. And so, with the patch only freshly released, the future of Aurelion Sol hangs in the balance. Will these nerfs completely obliterate the once mighty celestial being? Only time will tell.

Fellow summoners, let us watch with bated breath as this cosmic drama unfolds. Will Aurelion Sol reclaim his rightful place among the stars, or will he fade into the depths of forgotten champions? The answers lie beyond the horizon, and we shall journey together through the twists and turns of this celestial saga. Brace yourselves, dear players, for the cosmos holds many surprises, both wondrous and disheartening.

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