Obsidian Entertainment, the masterminds behind the highly anticipated FPS RPG title Avowed, set to release later this year, have been hard at work since its jaw-dropping reveal in 2020. But let's not forget about the delightful surprise they delivered in 2019 with The Outer Worlds, which, in many ways, felt like a nostalgic return to their roots. It captured the essence of their beloved classic, Fallout: New Vegas, while showcasing their prowess in creating top-notch first-person RPG experiences. Before that, Obsidian had dabbled in the realm of CRPG with hits like Tyranny and the two Pillars of Eternity games, which Avowed draws inspiration from.

Naturally, given the general setting of Avowed and Obsidian's previous collaboration with Bethesda Studios, comparisons with Skyrim were bound to happen. However, Obsidian has made it clear on multiple occasions that Avowed's scale and scope are on a more intimate level, setting it apart from its epic counterpart. After the recent Xbox Developer Direct presentation in January, we got a closer look at Avowed, and it undeniably shares a lot in common with The Outer Worlds, both in terms of design and Obsidian's trademark style. But don't be mistaken, if Avowed is essentially a "fantasy-flavored Outer Worlds experience," that's not a negative connotation. In fact, it might just be the secret ingredient that makes it a fantastic game, showcasing all of Obsidian's expertise.

The Outer Worlds allowed Obsidian to embrace their roots within a modern framework, combining dystopian sci-fi elements with their signature humor and satire. Unlike the often-serious Cyberpunk 2077, The Outer Worlds injected a healthy dose of comedy, striking a perfect balance with its darker absurdities and choice-driven narratives. Players and critics alike fell in love with the game, leading to the release of two DLCs that expanded its captivating lore. The success of The Outer Worlds was further solidified when Obsidian announced The Outer Worlds 2 in 2021, which will follow Avowed in development. It's clear that Obsidian still possesses the ability to deliver an AAA FPS RPG that captivates and satisfies its audience.

Obsidian has always been renowned for their meticulous world-building, immersive narratives, and engaging combat mechanics. Both Avowed and The Outer Worlds showcase these qualities within popular genres and settings, but with a more focused and refined approach compared to sprawling open-world games. The similarities between the two are apparent, and this might just be Avowed's greatest advantage. From what we've seen so far, Avowed looks and feels like it will capture the essence of The Outer Worlds, incorporating its broad design elements that were so warmly embraced by players. With the success of The Outer Worlds and the growing anticipation for Avowed, we have every reason to expect that it will be an equally compelling, if not even more enthralling, experience. So, let's not simply label it as "The Outer Worlds, but fantasy," because Avowed is shaping up to be the adventure we've been eagerly waiting for!

Franchise: Pillars of Eternity
Platform(s): Windows, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S
Release Date: 2024-00-00
Developer(s): Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher(s): Xbox Game Studios
Genre(s): Action RPG

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