Baldur's Gate 3, the epic RPG filled with a compelling main story and countless side quests, offers a unique blend of emotional depth and outright weirdness. While players embark on a mission to save Faerûn, they'll encounter quests that defy expectations and push the boundaries of imagination. From peculiar encounters with fish-worshipping kuo-toa to apple-transforming oxen, let's delve into the wacky and wonderful quests that add a touch of humor to the world of BG3.

In the depths of the Underdark, near the Arcane Tower, lies a hidden area inhabited by a group of kuo-toa, bizarre fish people who worship a peculiar new deity. This deity, known as BOOOAL (a hilarious parody of Bhaal), is actually a mischievous red cap who deceives the gullible kuo-toa. Players stumble upon an unmarked quest to expose this trickery, leading to a choice between saving the fishy populace or becoming their new god.

Act 3 introduces a deceptively simple-sounding quest called "Find the Missing Letters." However, in BG3, appearances can be deceiving. To solve the mystery of vanishing mail, the party must seek the aid of courier pigeons. Unbeknownst to them, the real culprit is none other than Gale's flying cat, Tara, who has been devouring the pigeons in search of her lost friend. If approached with kindness, Tara agrees to cease her feathery feasting.

The enigmatic ox makes appearances throughout each act of BG3 and can be conversed with using the "speak with animals" ability. Initially encountered in the Druid Grove, the ox refuses to divulge its secret. However, players can encounter it again at the Last Light Inn in Act 2, where they can coax more details from the creature using an amusing homage to the Talking Cat from Rick and Morty, filling their heads with bizarre visions of the ox's deeds.

But the strangeness reaches new heights when the ox reappears in Act 3, seeking the party's assistance in infiltrating a city. In a display of absurdity, the ox transforms into an apple, shouts "hail Cyric," and willingly nestles into a character's inventory until they reach the city gates. Upon completing the quest, the ox/apple rewards the party with the Shapeshifter's Boon Ring and becomes an ally for the final battle. Unbeknownst to many, this ox, known as Zlorb, is actually a worshipper of Cyric, the god of lies and trickery.

Enter Yurgir, a powerful fiend known as an orthon, whom Raphael tasks the party with eliminating in Act 2. While Yurgir can be defeated conventionally, there are two peculiar ways to complete this quest. Yurgir's contract with Raphael is a song that explains his given task. Players can choose to assist Yurgir, entailing a battle against a final dark justiciar disguised as a horde of rats in the Gauntlet. Alternatively, they can exploit the song to trick Yurgir into eliminating his own minions, his pet, and eventually himself.

In Act 2, one of the pivotal quests revolves around Halsin and the lifting of the Shadow Curse. To achieve this, the party must locate Thaniel, which involves finding a lute and playing a song to awaken Art Cullagh from his coma. After safeguarding a portal for Halsin, they aid him in finding Thaniel's alter ego, who insists on playing hide-and-seek. However, more often than not, this innocent game devolves into a battle against the child's imaginary parents and their dog. Just a typical day in the life of curse-breaking adventurers!

While many bosses in BG3 can be defeated without combat, none are as peculiar as Thisobald Thorm, the mighty innkeeper of The Waning Moon tavern in Act 2. Thisobald invites the party to join him for a drink and regale him with stories, which is odd enough. However, the true strangeness lies in the fact that the brew Thisobald serves originates directly from his stomach. If the party successfully passes all necessary skill checks, Thisobald will finally spill the beans about Ketheric Thorm before meeting his explosive demise.

At the Circus of the Last Days, players encounter a mischievous djinni named Akabi, who runs a game of Spin the Wheel. A perceptive adventurer will notice Akabi's cheating tactics, and through some deft pickpocketing, the jackpot can be claimed. However, this act of thievery enrages Akabi, resulting in the controlled character being teleported to the distant land of Chult. Moreover, if provoked during the confrontation, Akabi possesses the ability to transform the offending character into achicken for a limited time, adding a hilarious twist to the consequences of the encounter.

These quests, among many others in Baldur's Gate 3, showcase the game's willingness to blend serious storytelling with moments of absurdity and humor. While the main questline tackles weighty themes and epic battles, these side quests provide a refreshing break from the intensity and allow players to engage with the game's whimsical and unpredictable world.

The developers at Larian Studios have crafted a game that embraces both the serious and the silly, offering players a wide range of experiences and emotions. Whether you find yourself laughing at the antics of fish-worshipping kuo-toa or scratching your head at the antics of an ox-turned-apple, Baldur's Gate 3 never fails to surprise and entertain.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey that combines epic storytelling with the strangest of quests, Baldur's Gate 3 is the game for you. Get ready to save the world while also encountering some of the most delightful and bizarre moments in RPG history.

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