Ah, the life of a Bard in Baldur's Gate 3! It's a delicate dance of melody and mayhem, where the right race can make all the difference. With two of the three Bard Colleges focusing on melee combat (Valor and the formidable Swords) and the other being a spellcasting powerhouse (Lore), the choice of race becomes a critical decision that shapes your Bard's destiny. So, let's embark on a whimsical journey to discover which race will harmonize perfectly with your combat strategy and overall game approach.

  1. Humans - The Jacks of All Trades:s may not be the most unique race in the game, but they do have their perks. Extra carrying capacity and a skill proficiency of your choice are nice, but let's be honest, they're not exactly showstoppers. However, there's a hidden gem that makes Humans shine for Bards: Shield Proficiency. Normally reserved for Valor Bards, this ability grants Lore Bards (and Swords Bards with a free hand) some much-needed defense. Even the most elusive characters can find themselves in melee danger, and a shield can be a true lifesaver. With a Human Bard, you'll be ready to sing your way out of any sticky situation.

  2. Duergar - Sneaky Melodies and Stout Defenses:

Duergar, oh Duergar! These dwarven delights are a treasure trove of abilities for Bards of all types. Dwarven and Duergar Resilience offer sturdy defensive capabilities, protecting you from the perils that may lie ahead. And let's not forget about Duergar Magic! Bards can already turn invisible, but doing so without using a precious spell slot is a delightful bonus. Plus, Enlarge can give a damage boost to any weapon-focused Bard, regardless of their interest in Strength checks. With Duergar by your side, you'll have as many sneaky tricks up your sleeve as the legendary Gerringothe Thorme.

  1. Zariel Tiefling - Fiery Performances and Charismatic Charm:

Fire Resistance and Darkvision are undoubtedly handy for any character, and Bards are no exception. However, the true allure of playing a Zariel Tiefling lies in their racial spells. While Searing Smite and Branding Smite might not be the most impressive choices, Thaumaturgy steals the show. As a Bard, you'll be doing a lot of talking, and Thaumaturgy is your free ticket to enhancing your vocal prowess. With this spell, you'll charm, intimidate, and mesmerize your audience with an extra dash of flair. The advantages are endless for a clever player who knows how to wield the power of words.

  1. Githyanki - Astral Adventures and Cunning Abilities:

Githyanki are usually a safe bet regardless of the character class, and Bards are no exception. While their Jack of All Trades ability may not have its usual dramatic effect on Astral Knowledge, it's still far from useless. Medium Armor proficiency provides much-needed protection for Lore Bards, while Enhanced Leap and Misty Step are spells that Bards typically struggle to access. With a Githyanki Bard, you'll be leaping, teleporting, and astral projecting your way to victory. It's hard to go wrong with these interplanar adventurers.

  1. Lightfoot Halflings - Stealthy Serenades and Lucky Escapes:

Lightfoot Halflings bring a bag full of bonuses that perfectly complement Bards. Advantage on Stealth checks is a handy asset for sneaking around, and protection from being Frightened can turn the tide of a combat encounter in your favor. Now, let's talk about Halfling Luck. Its effectiveness may vary depending on your Bardic College. Swords Bards will be swinging their weapons constantly, while Lore Bards might rely on other means. Regardless, the ability to reroll ones on Ability Checks and Saving Throws is a game-changer. After all, we all know how it feels to be at the mercy of the dice.

  1. Deep Gnomes - Cunning Melodies and Subterranean Secrets:

In the grand symphony of racial abilities, Gnome Cunning takes center stage in Baldur's Gate 3. Being able to resist enemy effects that target your stats can make a world of difference, and having advantage on saving throws against them is a true lifesaver. But that's not all! Deep Gnomes also offer Superior Darkvision, which is tremendously helpful in certain scenarios. And if you fancy a sneaky approach, advantage on Stealth checks will make you feel like a mischievous maestro. Whether you're battling underground or in the open air, Deep Gnomes have the perfect tune for every occasion.

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