In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Task Force X's mission to stop an alien invasion in Metropolis takes a mind-bending turn. Brainiac, the mastermind behind the invasion, has not only abducted and brainwashed most of the city's population but also mind-controlled the Justice League. As the rag-tag group of supervillains and antiheroes, Task Force X must eliminate the brainwashed heroes and defeat Brainiac to save the remaining survivors and prevent his plans for a New Colu.

Brainiac, driven by the desire to rebuild the advanced civilization of the destroyed planet Colu, sees the potential in Task Force X and offers them a chance to become superior beings. He reveals his grand scheme to conquer the multiverse, asking why settle for just one Earth. The concept of the multiverse is established early on when Task Force X is transported to Earth 2, a world already ravaged by Brainiac.

However, their conversation with Brainiac is abruptly cut short, and they find themselves back at LexCorp, where they meet a surviving Lex Luthor from Earth 2. Luthor reveals that the Brainiac they encountered is just one of thirteen versions spread across different universes. Task Force X must defeat all twelve remaining Brainiacs in an eternal conflict.

The epic boss battle against Brainiac comes later, but first, the team must complete various side missions to stop his terraforming plans. Once they acquire enough Promethium points, they unlock a trip to Earth 2. Inside Brainiac's base, he transforms into a Brainiac/Flash hybrid, wielding Flash's powers and commanding a legion of Flash-enhanced enemies. Task Force X must cleverly counter his speed force abilities to defeat him.

But the battle doesn't end there. Brainiac summons a horde of enemies, and Task Force X receives support from the Support Squad, with Poison Ivy and her plant Daphne creating toxic affliction clouds. The toxic damage inflicted on Brainiac weakens him, and Gizmo provides weaponized vehicles to counter the hordes and capture Brainiac.

With Brainiac brought back to Earth 1, Lex Luthor uses a Dataspike to download a fragment of Brainiac's network and kills that version of Brainiac, causing a massive explosion. The main campaign concludes, but the adventure is far from over. Players must embark on Elseworld missions to eliminate the remaining Brainiacs across different universes, while also facing new challenges in the "Finite Crisis" mode.

After the credits roll, Lois Lane's eulogy for Batman plays, paying homage to Kevin Conroy, the iconic voice behind Batman for over three decades. The tribute features an image reminiscent of Batman: The Animated Series' opening sequence. Following the tribute, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's Season 1 roadmap appears, teasing the continuation of the fight against Brainiac and introducing new playable characters.

The roadmap reveals four images, with the first being the Joker, already known to fans. The second character, initially rumored to be Nora Fries, is instead a female variant of Mr. Freeze known as Victoria Fries, alias Mrs. Freeze. The third character is Deadshot's daughter, Zoe Lawton, named Lawless, who becomes an anti-hero fighting alongside Task Force X. The identity of the fourth character remains a mystery, adding to the excitement surrounding the game's future updates.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League takes players on a wild, multiversal adventure, battling Brainiac and his legion across different universes. With the promise of new characters and challenges, the game's post-campaign narrative is just the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Get ready to unleash chaos and save the multiverse in this highly anticipated game by Rocksteady.

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