Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a game that thrives on its outrageous and mind-numbingly challenging boss fights. From absurd scenarios to heart-pounding moments, these battles take the series to new heights. With a turn-based combat system, fresh mechanics, and a complex proximity system, Infinite Wealth demands strategic mastery. Let's dive into the exhilarating world of boss battles in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

  1. Roman - Bartending Brawl:
    Ichiban's first encounter with Roman and his goons takes place in a bar. While not overly tough, the challenge lies in dealing with both Roman and his lackeys simultaneously. However, the abundance of stools in the bar provides a unique advantage – Ichiban and his crew can unleash weapon attacks for extra damage almost every turn. Keep an eye on positioning and HP, and Roman will be sipping defeat in no time.

  2. Yamai - Fiery Turmoil:
    Ichiban faces off against Yamai multiple times, with the final encounter proving most challenging. Consumed by violet flames, wielding Molotov cocktails, and flanked by allies, Yamai finally reveals his true power. Applying debuffs and fire resistance, he poses a strategic hurdle. However, reducing his allies to ashes with a fiery Area of Effect (AoE) attack leaves Yamai vulnerable for the party's relentless assault.

  3. Sawashiro - Arena Showdown:
    Sawashiro returns as a new boss with a unique advantage – an almost empty arena. This scarcity hinders weapon attacks, environmental bonuses, and combos. However, there's a tried-and-true strategy to take him down effortlessly. Have one character tank him in a warehouse corner while others strike from behind for back attack bonuses. Exploit his weakness to fire and unleash a constant barrage of damage.

  4. Wong Tou - The Evasive Mastermind:
    Wong Tou, a boss with a powerful block and high evasion, demands the party to tap into their combat experience. Hitting him becomes a challenging task. Grapple attacks are key to dismantling his defenses, and hurling his own office chairs can bypass his evasion. Vigilance is vital, as Wong Tou can unleash high-damage attacks without warning. Prepare with a dedicated healer or an ample supply of onigiri for an easier fight.

  5. Narasaki - Slimy Showdown:
    Narasaki, an especially slimy antagonist, opens the fight with a gatling gun barrage before pitting his underlings against Kasuga and the party. Only after defeating them all does Narasaki himself step into the fray. His formidable stats make players question why he ever relied on his lackeys. Elemental weaknesses won't work against Narasaki, so leverage positioning, weapon attacks, and cunning strategies to secure victory.

  6. Excavator Extravaganza:
    Continuing the tradition of testing Ichiban's mettle against construction equipment, Infinite Wealth offers not one but two excavators to contend with. While individually not overly powerful, their combined might packs a punch. The challenge intensifies as environmental attacks and combos become obsolete. However, exploiting their weakness to water and focusing on one enemy at a time can make this tough battle more manageable.

  7. The Great White Laughs Last:
    Fighting a giant shark, the epitome of man versus nature, becomes a cornerstone of Infinite Wealth's foundation. Though mostly played for laughs, the giant shark unleashes AoEs that can be easily healed through. Eric's lightning attacks prove devastating, yet the shark occasionally targets a party member for a devastating strike. Maintain high HP levels to counter these attacks and revel in the absurdity of the encounter.

  8. The Mighty Kraken:
    Prepare to face the kraken, a giant squid that adds mechanical complexity to the visual and thematic similarities shared with the shark encounter. Comprising three enemies – two tentacles and a head – this battle demands a specific sequence. Eliminate the tentacles before focusing on the head, as they serve as the squid's primary means of attack. Beware of the tentacles regenerating after a few turns, but stick to the plan, and victory will be within reach.

  9. Bryce - The Penultimate Challenge:
    Although the second-to-last boss, Bryce doesn't necessarily rank as the second-hardest. His attacks lack the expected punch, and he's incredibly weak to water damage. Exploit this weakness and unleash a deluge of attacks to sweep him aside. Bryce's reign of terror will be washed away, leaving the path clear for the ultimate showdown.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth's boss battles exemplify the game's exhilarating gameplay and strategic demands. From barroom brawls to aquatic absurdity, each encounter presents unique challenges and opportunities. As Ichiban and his companions battle their way through Honolulu, the player must master combat mechanics, exploit weaknesses, and devise cunning strategies to emerge victorious. These boss battles are the true gems of Infinite Wealth, ensuringplayers are constantly engaged and thrilled throughout their journey. So gear up, sharpen your skills, and get ready to face the most outrageous and challenging bosses in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth!

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