Building is an integral part of the Palworld experience, contributing to the excitement and personalization of each player's journey. It presents a challenge, allowing players to construct their own bases, and many have eagerly embraced this opportunity to create their dream homes.

One ambitious player, driven by a desire for security, went above and beyond, crafting a breathtaking "unraidable" base nestled beside a tranquil waterfall. However, it must be said that the process of building can sometimes feel a tad clunky and restrictive.

Even the magnificent base by the waterfall had its fair share of issues, with Pals inexplicably getting stuck in the terrain. It is for this reason that players are fervently imploring the developers to introduce additional building features that would enhance their overall gameplay experience.

A concerned player took to Reddit to share a few indispensable features they believe should be incorporated into the game. First and foremost, they stressed the importance of being able to move furniture, as the current method of destruction leaves much to be desired in terms of convenience.

As for the second feature, the player yearned for the ability to utilize a hammer in order to upgrade foundations. They eloquently explained, "You unlock this at the same level that you'll unlock the stone foundations. The upgrade cost is the same as upgrading the wall. Alternatively, after upgrading, you will gain the resources of the original wall (e.g., 3 wood after upgrading to a stone wall)."

Their rationale behind this request was to spare players the arduous task of rebuilding an entire base from scratch, as succumbing to the impulsive urge of "you're not smart enough to wait for a better foundation" can be an all-too-common occurrence.

Following this impassioned plea, countless players voiced their agreement and shared their own ingenious ideas. "I wholeheartedly agree, as building and arranging your base is a pivotal aspect of the game," one user ardently proclaimed.

Meanwhile, another astute player proposed a simple yet effective solution, suggesting, "Yeah, another feature I'd love to see is a checkmark notification on the Pal Equipment bench, indicating whether you've already crafted a particular equipment."

"Perhaps a base building creative mode would be a welcome addition. I can't tell you how many times I've misplaced my Palbox," chimed in another eager participant, highlighting the need for a user-friendly experience.

Considering the flurry of recent updates in Palworld, it is evident that the developers are wholeheartedly dedicated to refining and enhancing the game. With any luck, the requested features will find their way into future quality-of-life fixes, further cementing Palworld's reputation as a captivating and immersive gaming haven.

As players continue to explore, build, and dream amidst the enchanting landscapes of Palworld, their collective voice resonates with the hope that their pleas for improved construction capabilities will be heard. In this realm of boundless possibilities, every block placed and every foundation upgraded serves as a testament to the extraordinary power of human creativity.

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