Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite buddy, the one and only Cake Boss Kitsun. This extraordinary creature is a rare elemental fox, and let me tell you, it's the most specialized pal you'll ever meet. Talk about a happy accident of incredible genetics and, well, not-so-great luck from my very first attempt at breeding a pal. But hey, despite its specialized nature, I stumbled upon an easier breeding combo for this magnificent pal, one that hasn't been widely circulated yet.

After a week of playing Palworld, I finally decided to give pal breeding a shot. It's a bit time-consuming, so I wanted to stack the genetic deck in my favor for my inaugural egg. After carefully selecting potential parents from my Palbox, I settled on pairing my lucky Gumoss with my alpha Sweepa. My hope was to combine the work-boosting buff that all Lucky Pals possess with the Sweepa's impressive 50% work speed boost Artisan trait. If all went well, I'd have a hard-working, workaholic pal ready to lend a hand around the base.

After treating the prospective parents to their favorite cake (the food necessary for breeding), I eagerly awaited the arrival of an egg. To my surprise, the grass/ground type Gumoss and the ice type Sweepa managed to produce a fire type egg. Yes, you read that right. Fire. Of all the possibilities, my breeding journey was already taking a twist.

Undeterred by this unexpected turn of events, I placed my scorching egg in an incubator, anxiously awaiting the hatching of my first designer offspring. Miraculously, my two amorphous blob parents merged into a stunning fox with a mane of blue flames—a Kitsun! And to my sheer delight, they passed on all the valuable traits I had been hoping for. But that's not all. My level 1 Kitsun possessed yet another passive skill, a whopping +30% work speed bonus.

This little marvel boasts an overall 95% buff to work speed—an unrivaled prodigy of productivity. However, I soon discovered that my Kitsun had only one ability: kindling fires. Yes, you heard it right. Out of the twelve possible work suitabilities for pals, Kitsun specializes in one thing and one thing only—lighting fires.

Initially, I feared that my dreams of having a top-tier pal were dashed. But then it hit me. The very task that led me to this whole breeding adventure—baking cakes—takes an excruciatingly long time. Completing a single cake meant standing at my cooking pot, holding down the F key for what felt like an eternity. Blink, and you might miss the progress bar moving. To add insult to injury, my kindling-skilled pals had a knack for wandering off to perform other tasks, like lighting torches, instead of focusing on baking cakes. I couldn't trust them to handle the job without supervision. Baking became an everlasting torment.

This is where my Kitsun truly shines. With its +95% speed boost in the kitchen and automatic level 2 kindling ability, baking cakes for future breeding experiments became a breeze. What was once a purgatory of endless F key pressing transformed into a tolerable four-minute affair. Hence, the name Cake Boss Kitsun was born—a pal with a singular mission.

But let me tell you a secret. Kitsun isn't just a master of baking. Look at it go, smelting ores with finesse. Sure, I have other pals that can smelt ingots, albeit not as quickly, but none of them are willing to lend a hand in the kitchen. Kitsun has saved the day—and my cakes.

Finding a Kitsun in the wild is quite rare, concentrated in an icy biome in the northeast of the map that you're unlikely to visit until you've invested dozens of hours into the game. However, I stumbled upon a nifty shortcut to acquiring one, much easier than the combos I've seen so far. You can capture a Gumoss in the forested starter zones or grab the level 11 alpha Gumoss on Sea Breeze Archipelago. As for the level 11 alpha Sweepa, you can find it on the Small Cove island, without ever venturing near those high-level snowy areas.

Now, you might want to breed yourself a Kitsun with cooler stats tailored for battling and adventuring. But hey, maybe what you truly need is a cake boss for your kitchen. Trust me, once you experience the joy of speedy cake baking, you'll understand the true value of a specialized pal like Cake Boss Kitsun. Get ready to light those fires and savor the sweet taste of victory in Palworld!

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