In the fantastical world of Palworld, where pals roam freely, there has been a whisper among players that these pals bear an uncanny resemblance to the famous Pokémon. Is Wumpo Botan secretly Tangrowth in disguise? Could Lamball be a sneaky Wooloo? And what about that cute little creature that looks like an Eevee? Well, hush now! That, my friend, is none other than the enigmatic Cremis. Let's keep it under wraps before we all find ourselves in a sticky situation.

However, the latest revelation in Palworld, as discovered by the intrepid dataminer Brian Cozzens and brought to our attention by Eurogamer, truly rings the Poké-bell. It's not officially part of the game yet, but it's called Dark Mutant, and if you delve into Palworld's files or visit the Palworld Paldex website, you can find its model and Paldex entry.

Cozzens spilled the beans to Eurogamer, confessing that he stumbled upon our pal Mewthree while working on an interactive map for the game. Let's not mince words here, folks. That's a Mewtwo, plain and simple. Specifically, it's a Mega Mewtwo Y that someone has given a makeover with a black and purple dye job and a pair of Brezhnev-style eyebrows. According to its Paldex entry, it may possess the ability to "tear holes into other dimensions" once it has perfected its technique.

Sounds impressive, doesn't it? Almost as impressive as the original Mewtwo, whose extraordinary psychic powers made him a formidable adversary in the first Pokémon Movie (which, to be honest, is the only one I've seen, thanks to my five-year-old self's undying Pokémon obsession). Perhaps the resemblance was too striking for Pocketpair, the studio behind Palworld, which is why Dark Mutant remains hidden away in the game's files, rather than making its grand entrance into the Palworld universe.

Nevertheless, the resemblance between Dark Mutant and its Pokémon counterpart hasn't gone unnoticed by Palworld players, who mostly find the whole situation rather amusing. "Looks like [Pocketpair] removed most of the pals that were WAY too 'inspired' by Pokémon, lol," chuckled a Reddit user named veselek. "It seems... cooler than the actual Mega Mewtwo," claimed Spider-Phoenix. Blasphemy, I say! But hey, that's neither here nor there.

Personally, I hope Pocketpair decides to give Dark Mutant a new identity and eventually introduces it into the game. We all need something even more exclusive for PCG's Lauren Morton to accidentally stumble upon and create accidental Palworld hybrids, like a Palworld version of Dr. Frankenstein. Just... let's hope it doesn't turn out as unsettling as Lovander.

In the extraordinary world of Palworld, where pals and Pokémon intertwine, Dark Mutant stands as a testament to the players' unwavering love for these captivating creatures. So, let's embrace the familiar aura, laugh at the playful homage, and eagerly await what surprises Pocketpair has in store for us in this whimsical universe of pals and monsters.