It's an extraordinary achievement for a live-service game to survive for almost eight years, and Dead by Daylight has managed to do just that. Since its release in 2016, Dead by Daylight has cemented its position as the longest-surviving asymmetrical horror multiplayer game. What sets it apart from its competitors is Behaviour Interactive's commitment to consistently providing updates and DLC Chapters, offering new content to players every few months.

The Crossover Conundrum:
However, as with any game that constantly expands its roster, there's a potential issue lurking in the shadows. This issue has plagued other games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and could soon affect Dead by Daylight if it hasn't already. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's gimmick was bringing together every fighter from previous games, resulting in a staggering 82 playable characters in its base game. While impressive, this abundance of characters also meant that some fighters got lost in the mix, especially the lesser-known crossovers.

The Expanding Roster:
The addition of post-launch DLC in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate further exacerbated the problem. Over the years, the game introduced 12 more crossover fighters, some more iconic than others. Fighters like Sephiroth, Steve, and Sora generated immense fan excitement, overshadowing other DLC characters. While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate boasts an impressive roster, it feels somewhat bloated, with numerous characters rarely seeing the light of day.

The Crossover Menace in Dead by Daylight:
Dead by Daylight embraced crossovers early on, starting with Michael Myers from Halloween in 2016. Since then, crossovers have become a staple of the game's DLC cycle. Recently, Dead by Daylight has seen some outstanding crossovers, including Alien, Child's Play, and Alan Wake. These additions introduced fantastic Survivors, Killers, and Perks. However, the danger of crossover bloat is looming over Dead by Daylight.

Balancing Act and Neglected Characters:
Currently, Dead by Daylight features 12 crossover Killers and 13 crossover Survivors, occupying almost half of each roster. While this wouldn't be an issue on its own, some crossover characters feel neglected, lacking recent updates. Killers like Freddy Krueger and Saw's Pig have become less popular due to their stagnant development. As more crossover characters enter the fray, balancing them all becomes increasingly challenging for Behaviour Interactive, and some might start to feel insignificant.

Dead by Daylight's longevity in the gaming industry is a testament to its engaging gameplay and consistent content updates. However, the game must navigate the treacherous waters of crossover characters. Finding the delicate balance between satisfying fan desires and maintaining a well-rounded roster is crucial. Behaviour Interactive must heed the lessons learned from other games to ensure that Dead by Daylight remains a thrilling and balanced horror experience for years to come.

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