In the world of Baldur's Gate 3, you're not just another ordinary adventurer. No, you are the tadpoled adventurer who holds the fate of the world in their hands! Your importance grants you a special privilege: mingling with the most serious public, including ancient wizards, narcissistic devils, gods' Chosen, and even the gods themselves. Talk about rubbing shoulders with the divine!

While you could always play by the deities' rules, where's the fun in that? Defying them is much more entertaining. Besides, the consequences of your actions often don't catch up with you, so why not mess with those all-powerful beings? If you're feeling mischievous today and wish to go against the gods of Baldur's Gate 3, you have quite a few options at your disposal.

Although you can't interact with Tyr directly in Baldur's Gate 3, his presence is felt everywhere. As the god of justice, Tyr guides lawful characters toward valiant acts and despises oathbreakers. And who better to defy Tyr than a Paladin? By breaking your Oath, you can openly challenge Tyr, and it's become quite a popular practice in the region. In Act One, you'll meet Anders, a Paladin of Tyr who broke his Oath to serve the devil Zariel. In Act Two, you'll face Ketheric Thorm, the Oathbreaker who has changed allegiances multiple times. Flipping off Tyr is all the rage these days.

The eternal battle between the Moonmaiden's followers and those of her sister Shar is visible in several places throughout Baldur's Gate 3, but Act Two takes the rivalry to new heights. In the Shadow-Cursed Lands, consumed by Shar's darkness, Selune's power is the only thing keeping the ghastly monsters at bay.

Act Two also provides ample opportunities to undermine the Moonmaiden herself. The Last Light Inn, protected by Isobel, Selune's cleric, becomes a prime target. Dealing a fatal blow to Isobel would be a tough blow for the Lady of Silver. And if you're feeling particularly wicked, you can even kill Dame Ailyn, Selune's own daughter. The Moonmaiden might never recover from such a devastating blow!

But perhaps you fancy Selune more and want to join her fight against her dark sister, Shar. You can play a crucial role in the events of Act Two and Shadowheart's storyline, effectively aiding the Lady of Loss in ruling over the Shadow-Cursed Lands. There's a certain joy in tormenting the poor souls who seek her help or simply stand in her way.

On a morally righteous playthrough of Baldur's Gate 3, it's inevitable that you'll clash with Lady Shar on multiple occasions. By freeing Dame Ailyn instead of killing her, cleansing the Shadow-Cursed Lands, and breaking Shar's hold over Shadowheart, you'll turn the Lady of Loss into the Lady of L's. Talk about a power shift!

Mystra, the overseer of the Weave and granter of magical abilities to mortal mages, holds immense importance in the world of Baldur's Gate 3. According to Gale, she also limits mortals' power, which he sees as nothing but gatekeeping ambitious individuals. To defy Mystra, you'll need to play alongside or as Gale.

The Wizard of Waterdeep still pines for his former mistress but has fallen out of her graces. You can try to make amends with Mystra, but going against her will is much more thrilling. As Gale, you can dabble in dark magic, refuse to use the Netherese Orb to blow up the Absolute, and even aid Gale in his ascension to godhood. Who needs Mystra's approval anyway?

Vlaakith, the Leech Queen, is an intriguing deity. While worshipped as a goddess by the githyanki and possessing near-divine powers, she isn't quite there yet. This powerful undead entity feeds on the essence of her greatest warriors to fuel her abilities and spreads lies about Orpheus to maintain her position among the githyanki.

Once you uncover the truth about Vlaakith, defying her becomes an irresistible temptation. Reject her offer, assist Lae'zel in defying her former mistress, and free Prince Orpheus. But be cautious; the Leech Queen is immensely powerful and, unlike real gods, isn't bound by AO. Ruffle her feathers too much, and she'll swiftly send you to the afterlife!

Long ago, Jergal was the god of death until he made a mysterious deal with ambitious mortals who would later become known as the Dead Three. Jergal bestowed his divine powers upon them and took a little vacation, but he kept a close eye on his successors.In Baldur's Gate 3, defying Jergal is no easy task. In fact, it's nearly impossible. He is a distant and enigmatic deity, and his presence is only hinted at throughout the game. But that doesn't mean you can't try! Embrace your rebellious spirit and go against the natural order of things. Instead of accepting death, seek immortality and challenge the realm of Jergal. While you may not succeed, your audacity will surely be noted by the god of the dead.

Defying the gods in Baldur's Gate 3 is a daring and entertaining endeavor. It allows you to challenge the established order, discover hidden paths, and carve your own destiny. Just remember, the consequences might catch up with you in unexpected ways, so be prepared for the wrath of the divine. Now, go forth and defy those gods!

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