"Ahoy, fellow adventurers! Gather 'round as we dive deep into the treacherous waters of Dredge, the indie gem that emerged from the depths in 2023. With its gripping atmosphere and spine-chilling horror, this little tugboat of a game sailed its way into our hearts, earning accolades and even a Best Setting award. But hold on tight, for we're about to reveal a calamitous choice that sent shockwaves through the community, forcing the developers to scurry like panicked sailors amidst a storm."

1: The Hungry Hooded Figures

"In the murky depths of Dredge, there lurked a mysterious group known as the Hooded Figures. These enigmatic characters would beckon players to catch a specific fish for them. But here's the catch (pun intended): unbeknownst to players, a hidden timer of doom awaited activation as soon as the request was made. If you failed to deliver the fish within 10 in-game days, the poor Hooded Figure would meet a grim fate, like a tragic lovecraftian tamagotchi."

2: When Timed Quests Turned Tides

"Imagine the horror when players discovered the sinister truth behind these timed quests. The developers at Black Salt Games thought they could add an extra layer of challenge and consequence to the game, but the uproar was swift and merciless. Negative reviews flooded the Steam page, ranting about the unexpected time limit and the tragic demise of the Hooded Figures. The timing was so abysmal that the developers scrambled to make amends faster than a seagull snatching a fish from the ocean."

3: Reeling in the Negative Feedback

"As I delved into the sea of negative reviews, I couldn't help but sympathize with the players' frustrations. One disgruntled gamer lamented, 'Why didn't they tell us it was timed? Now I'm stuck with dead NPCs and a broken heart.' Another, perhaps more politely, described the quests as 'rather annoying,' leaving nothing but a perplexing smiley face in their wake. It was a bait and switch of epic proportions that caught players off guard, like a sneaky anglerfish lurking in the depths."

4: Lessons from the Abyss

"Joel Mason, the daring writer and programmer at Black Salt Games, tried to make sense of the calamity. He compared the timed quests to the infamous challenges of Dark Souls, where your actions unknowingly lead to the demise of NPCs. On an intellectual level, he understood the appeal of such mechanics, adding depth and consequence to the gameplay. But on a personal level? Well, let's just say he felt the storm surge of player hatred. 'People fucking hated it,' he confessed, like a captain caught in a tempest of criticism."

5: A Timely Redemption

"With the fury of the internet crashing upon their shores, the developers quickly realized the error of their ways. Like seasoned sailors adjusting their sails, they swiftly removed the timers, aiming to salvage their creation from the depths of player discontent. Yet, even after the storm had passed, the echoes of anxiety remained. When a DLC introduced another Hooded Figure, players trembled, fearing the return of the dreaded timers. It seems that in the realm of gaming, some NPC deaths leave an indelible mark on our souls."

"And there you have it, fellow adventurers, the tumultuous tale of timed quests and lovecraftian tamagotchis in the world of Dredge. What started as an attempt to infuse the game with consequences turned into a tempest of player backlash. The developers, like sailors learning from a treacherous voyage, adjusted their course and set sail on calmer waters. As we navigate the unpredictable seas of game development, let us remember the importance of clear communication and the perils of tampering with the delicate balance of player expectations. Fair winds and smooth sailing, my friends!"