Whether you're ruling the seas, saving Metropolis, or just feeling obligated to do so, one thing remains clear: looking good is essential. In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, you have a delightful array of villainous heroes to choose from, including the fearsome Nananue, also known as King Shark.

Within the game, you have a multitude of outfit options at your disposal. From freebies obtained through Riddler's challenges to pre-order bonuses and in-game purchases, there are plenty of clothes to make King Shark shine. And let's not forget about the head attires, particularly the fin designs, which can be customized separately. Let the fashion extravaganza begin!

Now, what could be more fitting for a baddie than a classic prison uniform? Right from the start, King Shark rocks this look, having been transferred from the infamous Belle Reve prison, a place renowned for keeping metahumans in check. A humanoid shark in stripes? It's a match made in villainous heaven.

Despite its simplicity, the basic prison attire suits our toothy demigod perfectly. Just pants and a tank top, nothing more. You can even top it off with Riddler's hat, along with other prison-outfit variations. The classic black stripe and the vibrant cell-shaded colors are truly jaw-dropping options.

But wait, there's more! We have a fun twist to the prison attire. Picture this: a vest layered on top of the pants and tank top combo. It's a small change that adds a touch of style and practicality. The vest itself mostly sticks to dark tones, but there's a blue version available if you feel King Shark needs even more "fin-ness" on the screen. It pairs wonderfully with the Streamlined fin variation, the second option you unlock in the game.

For those who prefer colder climates (even though weather doesn't matter in the game), we have an outfit that's perfect for chilly days. It features a proper shirt with sleeves and a collar, a refreshing change from the sea of tank tops and shirtless baddies. The color variations are the same as the previous options, plus some extra shades available for purchase. This outfit matches splendidly with Battle Scarred, our third fin option.

Now, let's not forget King Shark's default costume from the story mode. It's undoubtedly a good one, with green pants and a tank top adorned with intricate plant and flower designs. A perfect reflection of a character who is surprisingly calm and intelligent, despite his fearsome appearance. Of course, you can still customize this default costume with unlocked or purchased color variations. Our personal favorite? The striking red, but you can also opt for blue, orange, or explore the Kryptonite variant. You know, just in case.

But wait, there's even more style to explore! If you want to showcase your strength and honor in combat, Gills for Days is the outfit for you. It's essentially the same as the default costume, minus the shirt. Who needs shirts anyway, right? This outfit pairs beautifully with Shredded, a fin variation that reveals a glimpse of Nanaue's intricate tattoos. It's a playful nod to an outfit designed to show off your true weapon—your muscles (even though this is still a shooter game).

If you're concerned about the lack of armor but still want to flaunt your muscles, we've got you covered (no pun intended). How about a piece of armor that adds a touch of sea god aesthetic, complete with a mask for extra fun? The color variations are up to you, although some choices may raise eyebrows. But hey, it's all about expressing yourself, right? Just keep in mind that this particular ensemble requires a purchase.

And who can resist the charm of old superhero costumes? They may appear a bit goofy, but they're a wonderful homage to the golden age of these iconic characters. In the game, you can indulge in a reimagining of Nanaue's classic attire, along with other classic outfits for fellow baddies. While initially a pre-order bonus, you can still acquire it from the in-game store, along with a few color variations to suit your taste.

Now, if your mission is to eliminate the Justice League, why not take a little something from them as well? Even though Nanaue and Kal-El don't have any particular beef, there's no denying that the most powerful superhero's costume is a perfect match for the most powerful member of Task Force X. Picture King Shark rocking Superman's outfit, slightly torn to accommodate his unique physique. Sadly, this outfit was a pre-order bonus, but who knows? It might make its way to the store someday.

In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, fashion isn't just about looking good; it's about embodying the essence of the character you're playing. Sowhy settle for mundane when you can swim in style? King Shark's fashion choices in the game allow you to unleash your inner demigod with flair. From prison stripes to classic costumes, there's an outfit for every aquatic occasion. So, suit up, sharpen those teeth, and get ready to make a splash in the fashion world of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League!

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