Hold onto your dice, adventurers, for we have sensational news from the realm of Dungeons & Dragons! Recent whispers in the dark corners of taverns suggested that Hasbro, the mighty caretaker of the D&D universe, was entertaining thoughts of parting ways with its beloved IP. But fear not, for we bring tidings that shall dispel these unfounded rumors like a wizard banishing an illusion.

The wise scribes at Wizards of the Coast, the guardians of D&D's destiny, have spoken with a resounding voice. A spokesperson declared, "We are not looking to sell our D&D IP." Let it echo through the halls of dungeons and the peaks of mountains, so that all may know the truth.

Mysterious alliances have been whispered about, involving the mystical Tencent and the daring Larian Studios, creators of the acclaimed Baldur's Gate III. But even they, with their deep ties to the D&D universe, cannot claim ownership. Swen Vincke, the illustrious boss of Larian Studios, took to the digital scrolls and declared, "D&D is not for sale." So, my fellow adventurers, rest easy, for the dragons of rumor have been slain.

Now, let us not forget the trials and tribulations faced by Hasbro in these uncertain times. Like many great companies, their fortunes soared during the height of the pandemic, as people sought solace in the realms of games. Alas, as the world slowly regained its balance, Hasbro's momentum faltered, and the company was forced to make difficult decisions, including drastic job cuts.

Within the hallowed halls of D&D, controversy brewed over changes to the Open Game License, causing some to raise their voices in protest. Furthermore, whispers reached our ears of at least five canceled games, hinting at a shift in strategy for digital adventures. But fear not, for the tale does not end there.

Beyond the horizon, where dragons soar and heroes rise, lies a future brimming with promise. The courageous souls at Payday developer Starbreeze have embarked on a noble quest, creating an official D&D multiplayer game as one of their next grand endeavors. Imagine the thrill of joining forces with fellow adventurers, the clashing of swords, and the roar of dragons reverberating in your ears. Oh, the adventures that await!

So, my fellow warriors of the virtual realms, let us celebrate this moment of clarity and unity. Dungeons & Dragons shall remain steadfast, a beacon of imagination that guides us through perilous quests and fantastical realms. The dragons shall continue to fly, the dice shall roll, and our hearts shall be forever entwined with the magic of this enduring universe.

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