Gather 'round, brave adventurers and avid collectors! A wondrous treasure trove of Elden Ring awaits you in the realm of Bandai Namco's SH Figuarts Minis line. Prepare to be enthralled by the arrival of three magnificent figures, including the enchanting four-armed witch Ranni, the formidable guardian Blaidd the Half-Wolf, and the valiant Malenia Blade of Miquella. These awe-inspiring collectibles, priced at a mere $30 each, are set to make their debut later this year. First, we shall welcome Malenia and Blaidd on May 15, followed by the bewitching Ranni a few months later, on October 30. Brace yourselves, for the adventures that lie ahead!

Picture this, fellow seekers of glory! The Malenia Blade of Miquella figure, standing tall at 4.1 inches, comes complete with a display stand and not one, but two detachable right arms. One of these arms proudly wields her iconic curved blade, which has sent shivers down the spines of millions of valiant players.

Behold, the mighty Blaidd, standing at 3.9 inches in all his majestic glory! This noble figure includes a regal stand and his colossal Royal Greatsword, which can be either attached to his back or firmly grasped in his detachable right arm. Such power and might shall surely strike fear into the hearts of any adversaries!

And now, prepare to be spellbound by the captivating Ranni, whose figure measures 4.1 inches, thanks to her iconic, pointed witch hat. This mesmerizing masterpiece comes complete with a display stand and a multitude of detachable arm variants, allowing you to recreate her most memorable poses from the game. Immerse yourself in her magical presence, capturing the essence of her outstretched hand gesture when accepting her fabled side quests.

But wait, fellow adventurers! There's more to discover in this realm of Elden Ring collectibles. Bandai Namco has unveiled other exquisite treasures, including SH Figuarts Minis of the player character, The Tarnished, donning the legendary Raging Wolf armor set from the game, alongside their loyal guide, Melina. These remarkable figures, available now for a mere $30 each, can be found at the mythical Amazon.

And lo and behold, a 6-inch figure of the infamous Festering Fingerprint Vyke is now on sale, priced at a mere $57 (originally $75) at Amazon. This masterpiece showcases 1-to-1 proportions and full articulation, allowing you to bring this grotesque creature to life in all its eerie glory.

But don't just stop there, fearless collectors! If your heart yearns for more fantastical treasures, venture forth into the realm of Berserk manga series figures, available for preorder at Amazon. It is said that Berserk served as the wellspring of inspiration for Elden Ring's captivating world, riveting story, and mesmerizing art direction. Imagine the splendor of displaying figures from both series side by side, an ode to the dark fantasy realm we adore.

And behold, lovers of the written word! Feast your eyes upon the first volume of the ongoing Elden Ring manga series, available now for a mere $9.80 (originally $13) at Amazon. You may even secure your copies of volumes two and three by preordering them, ensuring an unbroken journey into the depths of this enthralling saga.

So gather your strength, intrepid adventurers, and immerse yourselves in the realm of Elden Ring collectible magic! Let these remarkable figures transport you to a world where legends are born, battles are fought, and heroes rise. Unleash your inner wanderer, and may your shelves be adorned with the spoils of victory!

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