Ah, gamers, listen up! I've got some exciting news for you. Ereban: Shadow Legacy, the upcoming stealth platformer, is making waves with its innovative mechanics and Splatoon-inspired movement. Picture this: you take the ink-diving abilities of Splatoon's Inklings and replace the vibrant paint with chilling shadows. Intriguing, right? Well, hold onto your controllers because I'm about to take you on a wild ride through the gripping world of Ereban.

Ever since Ereban: Shadow Legacy was revealed at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in 2022, I've been itching to learn more. Luckily, the game's Steam Next Fest demo is now available, and let me tell you, it's a tantalizing taste of what's to come. The demo introduces us to the awe-inspiring Shadow Merge mechanic, which is nothing short of excellent. Remember those satisfying ink-swimming moments in Splatoon? Well, imagine Ayana, our fearless protagonist, effortlessly gliding through the shadows instead. It's like she's dancing with darkness.

In this bite-sized demo, you get to experience a single mission early in the game. Ayana, having been rescued from the clutches of the menacing Helios megacorporation, faces an immediate challenge: taking down a comms jammer. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Brace yourself because there's a whole army of Helios robots standing between Ayana and her objective. These bots mean business, my friends. One false move, and it's game over. Poof. Kaput. Sayonara, Ayana.

But fear not! Ereban's world is filled with gigantic rock formations, towering structures, and numerous buildings that cast ample shade for our shadowy hero. With the power of Shadow Merge at her disposal, Ayana can slink into the darkness, using it as both a platforming tool and a means to solve cunning puzzles. But when she crosses paths with her first robot adversary, the game truly comes alive. Will she silently approach and go for a swift assassination? Or will she utilize the movement capabilities of Shadow Merge to find an alternative route? The choice is yours, my fellow gamers. The possibilities are as vast as the ocean, just like Dishonored's gameplay. Ah, the memories.

Now, let me share my personal experience with the demo. After 37 minutes of intense exploration, scavenging for precious upgrade materials, and assassinating every robot in sight, I reached the end. But wait, what's this? A C rank? Unacceptable, my friends. I refused to settle for mediocrity. I reloaded the mission, determined to earn the coveted "Ghost" and "Merciful" medals. No kills, no detections. A true display of finesse.

After a few attempts, I discovered optimal paths, darting through the shadows with the agility of a gazelle on caffeine. I leaped rooftops, evaded the piercing gaze of Helios robots, and felt the thrill of being a professional speedrunner. And lo and behold, I achieved the ultimate triumph: an S rank in under 5 minutes, adorned with both medals. Victory never tasted so sweet, my friends.

Now, Ereban: Shadow Legacy is still shrouded in mystery, lacking a concrete launch date. However, the folks at Baby Robot Games have assured us that it will grace the Xbox Series X/S (including Xbox and PC Games Pass) and Steam sometime in 2024. So, seize this opportunity to sharpen your Shadow Merge skills with the Steam Next Fest Demo while it's still available. Trust me; you won't regret it.

But wait, there's more! The Steam Next Fest offers a cornucopia of other demos to explore. From mind-bending psychedelic platformers to captivating tribal survival games, there's something for everyone. So, step away from Palworld for a moment and embark on these thrilling adventures.

In conclusion, Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a game that embraces innovation, blending the enchanting movement of Splatoon with the heart-pounding tension of stealth gameplay. With its mesmerizing Shadow Merge mechanic, you'll find yourself dancing through shadows, assassinating robots, and chasing that elusive S rank. So, my fellow gamers, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey when Ereban: Shadow Legacy finally graces our screens. The shadows await, and Ayana is ready to leave her mark.

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