Ever since you reunited with EVE on Eternity Isle, you've realized she needs a new hobby to replace her loyal adherence to directives, dating back to the time before the Forgetting. While Disney Dreamlight Valley boasts WALL-E, an extraordinary gardener, EVE's own attempts at gardening have yielded less-than-favorable results.

Now, it's up to you to help EVE discover a fun and safe hobby for everyone involved. Given EVE's past experiences with hobbies, whenever she mentions something classified in her house, it's probably a good idea to investigate. And fortunately, EVE herself will present you with this quest when you're ready. But before embarking on this adventure, make sure you've completed the following prerequisites:

Step one: Engage in a delightful conversation with EVE, and when she sports a quest marker above her head, you'll know it's time to get started.

Once you've received the quest from EVE, head over to her home on Eternity Isle. Picture a magnificent spaceship nestled across from the bustling fishing docks. It's hard to miss!

As you step inside EVE's abode, engage in a friendly chat with her. She'll direct your attention to a plant on her table. Alas, the poor thing appears a bit wilted, and to make matters more intriguing, EVE's scans have yielded no data about it. How mysterious!

You see, EVE's scanner technology doesn't cover Eternity Isle, leaving her clueless about how to care for this peculiar plant. Fear not, my intrepid adventurer, for it's your turn to shine and assist EVE in upgrading her technology to solve this botanical riddle.

To accomplish this task, you'll need to gather some items scattered around Eternity Isle. Here's a handy list of the materials required:

[Insert list of materials]

Once you've collected all the necessary components, head over to the crafting table. There, you can work your magic and craft the upgraded scanner. Look for the recipe under the Functional Items tab in the interface. Voila!

Now, it's time to present the upgraded scanner to EVE herself. Seek her out, even if she's gliding around the island. Remember, you'll still need to enter her house to progress the quest and engage in a delightful conversation with our robotic friend.

After your heartwarming chat with EVE, it's time to investigate the newly identified plant. Approach it until the "investigate" prompt appears, and press the corresponding button or key to delve into the depths of this leafy enigma.

Ah, the wonders of a carnivorous plant! But fear not, for hunger can be satiated with gourmet grubs. And wouldn't you know it, EVE happens to possess a recipe that will come in handy.

Consult your inventory for the recipe and learn it. With this knowledge, you can utilize any cooking station, including the one situated on the docks, to whip up a delectable grub dish. Here's what you'll need:

[Insert list of ingredients]

Now, it's time to bestow the fruits of your culinary labor upon EVE. You can offer her the Gourmet Grubs wherever she may be found; no need to trek back to her house this time.

Upon completing this quest of quests, you shall be rewarded for your valiant efforts. Behold, the compensation you shall receive:

[Insert compensation details]

So, my adventurous companion, are you ready to embark on EVE's Green Thumb Adventure? Grab your gardening gloves, sharpen your investigative skills, and let us unravel the mystery of the wilted plant together!

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