In the era before New Vegas, before Bethesda, and before the Capital Wasteland, there was a game that started it all - Fallout. This upstart RPG from Interplay, crafted by the legendary Tim Cain, would go on to become a beloved and influential masterpiece in the realm of PC gaming. It laid the foundation for iconic titles such as Skyrim, Starfield, and the unforgettable Fallout 4. And now, thanks to your Amazon Prime Gaming subscription, you can experience the magic of Fallout, absolutely free. Prepare for a journey back to the '90s, where the roots of gaming greatness were planted.

As you delve into the original Fallout, you'll be amazed by how many elements from the later apocalyptic RPGs were already present. Vault-Tec, VATs, caps, Deathclaws, the Brotherhood of Steel - all of these iconic features, which you may have encountered in New Vegas or Fallout 3, were born in the creative minds of Interplay. In this game, you assume the role of the Vault Dweller, forced to leave the safety of Vault 13 when the vital water purification chip malfunctions. What unfolds is one of the greatest RPG experiences of the PC's golden era.

Starting from Thursday, February 1, if you're a proud subscriber of Amazon Prime Gaming, you'll receive a code to claim Fallout for free on GOG. And that's not all - throughout this month, Prime members can enjoy a plethora of other free games. The complete list can be found below:

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Prepare to embark on a journey to the birthplace of gaming legends, where Fallout reigns supreme. Embrace the nostalgia of the '90s and discover the game that shaped an entire genre. It's time to experience the origins of greatness and revel in the immersive world of Fallout. Your adventure awaits!

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