In a surprising turn of events, the co-founders of Until Dawn and The Quarry studio, Supermassive Games, have bid farewell to their beloved company. As the news broke, the gaming world felt a collective pang of nostalgia and gratitude for the incredible contributions of Pete and Joe Samuels.

The announcement, spotted on the studio's LinkedIn page, paid tribute to the dynamic duo. "After 15 amazing years, we say goodbye to our founders," the message read. "Pete and Joe - thank you for creating the Supermassive Games story that we will continue to write. Your Supermassive legacy will live on. We all wish you both the very best of luck in your next chapter!"

Pete Samuels, one of the co-founders, took to his own platform to explain his decision to step down. He revealed that his departure was due to health reasons, a difficult choice he made after leading the company as CEO for over 15 years. In his heartfelt message, Samuels expressed his unwavering pride in what he and Joe had built, as well as his admiration for the talented Supermassive team and their incredible achievements.

But fear not, for Supermassive Games is far from finished. Leading the charge into the next chapter is Robert Henrysson, the former CEO and chairman of Avalanche Studios. With a new leadership team at the helm, Supermassive is poised to continue its remarkable journey.

In his own statement, Henrysson excitedly exclaimed, "Starting today, it's my privilege and honor to take on the stewardship of Supermassive Games Ltd as the CEO." He acknowledged the outstanding accomplishments of Pete and Joe, acknowledging their BAFTA-winning studio and the millions of thrilled and terrified players their games have captivated worldwide. To the departing founders, he sent his well wishes and urged them to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

But Henrysson's enthusiasm didn't stop there. He expressed his eagerness to work with the talented individuals in the studio, fueling his belief in Supermassive's potential to become one of the leading studios in the world. With a resounding declaration, he proclaimed, "We're just getting started."

Amidst these changes, Supermassive Games is already hard at work. They have tantalizing projects in the pipeline, including the Dead by Daylight single-player spin-off, The Casting of Frank Stone. Fans can also look forward to the spine-chilling Little Nightmares 3 and Direective 8020, the next installment in the Dark Pictures Anthology.

As we bid adieu to the visionary founders and welcome a new era for Supermassive Games, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the exciting adventures and thrills that lie ahead. The legends may have stepped down, but their legacy lives on, illuminating the path for Supermassive's continued success. Farewell, Pete and Joe, and best of luck on your new endeavors. And to Supermassive Games, under the capable leadership of Robert Henrysson, may your journey to greatness be filled with boundless imagination and triumphs yet to come.

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