Ah, the Resident Evil 4 Remake, a glorious homage to the original masterpiece. But wait, there's more! This revamped version comes with an abundance of new features, including the delightful Merchant Requests. These tasks will have you chasing after stolen jewels, hunting rats, and even engaging in some good old-fashioned fishing. Today, we'll dive into the feathered world of a mischievous crow and its stolen jewel.

Picture this: you've just defeated Krauser and are basking in your victory. But lo and behold, a cryptic blue note catches your eye. The Merchant, ever in need of assistance, informs you that a sneaky crow has snatched a precious jewel from him. The audacity! It's time to embark on a quest for justice and shiny treasure.

Following the note's guidance, you make your way to the Courtyard, where the crow is said to have hidden its ill-gotten gains. As you venture through the Ballroom and Grand Hall, you can feel the crow's beady eyes upon you. It squawks in defiance, taunting you to follow its flight path. How convenient, right? The feathered thief is leading you straight to the jewel!

With determination in your heart, you step through the Courtyard's west exit, and there it is—the crow's nest. Perched high above the Merchant's shop, nestled on the roof by a charming mossy archway. The crow thinks it's clever, but you're one step ahead. You aim your weapon, take a deep breath, and fire at the nest.

The crow squawks in surprise, flapping its wings in a frantic escape. As it flees, a Scratched Emerald tumbles from the nest, landing gracefully in front of the archway. Victory is yours! But don't forget the most crucial part—collecting your reward. Without hesitation, you rush into the Merchant's shop next door, eager to claim your hard-earned Pesetas.

The Merchant greets you with a sly smile, impressed by your triumph over the thieving crow. He examines the Scratched Emerald with a keen eye and offers you a handsome sum of 5,000 Pesetas. Ah, sweet victory tastes like a pocket full of currency!

With your newly acquired riches, you leave the Merchant's shop, feeling like a true hero. The world is safer, the jewel is returned, and the crow has learned its lesson. But remember, dear player, this is just one of the many requests awaiting you in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. So buckle up, sharpen your aim, and get ready for more thrilling adventures and mischievous critters on the horizon.

In this revamped rendition of a beloved classic, the Resident Evil 4 Remake brings new life to the game, captivating players with its engaging quests and updated features. From battling monstrous creatures to outwitting cunning crows, every moment is an opportunity for excitement. So, grab your weapons, keep your eyes peeled, and let the hunt for treasures and glory continue in the world of Resident Evil 4 Remake!

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