In the realm of Fevrith, where the Zenoiran Empire's iron grip strangles the land, a valiant hero named Alain emerges as the leader of the Liberation Army. Their mission? To free the oppressed kingdoms from their tyrannical overlord. Now, imagine a world where battles and bravery go hand in hand with the unexpected challenge of... wrangling chickens? Yes, my friend, welcome to Unicorn Overlord!

Alain and his courageous team find themselves embarking on a quest that involves not only epic battles and delivering essential supplies but also assisting citizens in the most peculiar ways. And so, we delve into the thrilling tale of their second chicken rescue mission across the vast expanse of Fevrith.

Picture this: Alain, with his armor glistening under the scorching sun, stands amidst the swirling sands of the Drakenhold desert. It is here that our hero encounters a man just outside Ganrafeldt Town. This poor fellow, in a state of utter despair, laments the loss of his beloved chickens. Naturally, Alain's heroic heart cannot ignore such a cry for help, launching us into the extraordinary "Drakenhold's Escaped Chickens" quest in Unicorn Overlord.

Now, my brave friend, your mission is clear: venture into the treacherous desert and rescue the four chickens that have cunningly slipped away. But fear not! Unlike the arduous task of physically carrying each feathered fugitive, in Unicorn Overlord, you need only approach them to capture their mischievous souls. Yes, these chickens possess an innate understanding of the hero's plight, and they willingly surrender themselves to your noble cause. A simple approach is all it takes, but beware! Sudden movements might send them scurrying away, vanishing into thin air, forcing you to wait patiently until they reappear.

Let us now unveil the secret locations of these elusive escapees, scattered amidst the vast wilderness of the Drakenhold desert:

The first chicken, a true master of hiding, can be found to the south of Ganrafeldt Town, seeking refuge near the towering cliffs. Keep your eyes sharp, my friend, for it might attempt to blend in with the rocks!

As you venture further southeast from Ganrafeldt Town, you'll stumble upon a small clearing, enveloped by a ring of formidable rocks. Lo and behold, the second escaped chicken awaits your arrival, cackling mischievously at your valiant attempts to catch it.

But wait, there's more! Journeying northeast from Ganrafeldt Town, along the road leading into the heart of the settlement, you'll discover the third escaped chicken, nervously pecking at the ground. Ah, it seems this one has a penchant for the thrill of living on the edge!

Now, for the final test of your chicken-wrangling prowess, we head southwest of Ganrafeldt Town. Here, nestled near the tranquil beach, lies the fourth escaped chicken, its feathers shimmering under the sun's golden rays. The sand and sea are its companions, but your heroic spirit shall not be deterred!

Having successfully captured all four chickens, return to the distressed man waiting patiently outside Ganrafeldt Town. The quest, "Drakenhold's Escaped Chickens," reaches its triumphant conclusion. But hold your applause, dear reader, for the rewards that await you are as bountiful as they are extraordinary!

Enter the stage, the legendary Golden Egg! This highly coveted accessory possesses the power to double the gold earned by the unit it adorns during combat. Now, some may be tempted to sell this treasure for a princely sum of 30,000 gold. However, my wise companion, I implore you to resist such a fleeting temptation. Equip it upon your most valiant warrior, and watch as the coffers overflow with riches, battle after battle. The immediate gratification of selling pales in comparison to the long-term wealth this magnificent artifact can bestow.

And so, my fellow adventurers, with feathers in our hands, sandstorms in our wake, and a Golden Egg adorning our champions, we bid farewell to the captivating quest of "Drakenhold's Escaped Chickens" in Unicorn Overlord. May your battles be triumphant, your supplies plentiful, and your chicken-wrangling skills unparalleled. Until we meet again on the heroic landscapes of Fevrith, may the whimsical winds of adventure guide your every step!

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