Gather 'round, adventurers! The time has come for an epic Xbox quest in the mystical realm of Eorzea. Square Enix has unveiled the grand news that Final Fantasy XIV's open beta on Xbox Series X|S shall commence on the auspicious date of February 21. But heed this warning: only those who have yet to embark on this fantastical journey shall be granted passage into the open beta.

Now, picture this: you, a brave and valiant hero, stepping into a world teeming with wonders and dangers alike. The open beta shall offer the same thrilling content and features as the game's Free Trial version, yet alas, the option to make online store purchases shall be withheld from your mighty grasp. Fear not, for this trial shall not demand an Xbox Game Pass subscription. However, should you wish to continue your odyssey in the full Xbox Series X|S version, a Core or Ultimate Game Pass subscription shall be required.

But wait, before you venture forth, ensure your browser is blessed with the powers of JavaScript, for it is a prerequisite to watch the mesmerizing videos that await you. And fear not, for we shall remember this setting on all your devices, granting you seamless access to the splendors that lie ahead.

Now, the time has come to make a choice. Will you sign up and embrace the wondrous tales that await, or shall you sign in to claim your rightful place amidst the legends? The choice is yours, dear adventurer, but know that by clicking 'enter,' you pledge your allegiance to GameSpot's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Choose wisely!

Ah, but there is more to this tale! Square Enix, ever attuned to the desires of its loyal fans, shall launch the full version of the game immediately after the open beta concludes. Their decision shall be based on the feedback and reviews garnered during this monumental trial. And fear not, dear participants, for your hard-earned progress shall not be in vain. Your valiant efforts shall be rewarded, and your data shall be seamlessly transferred to the full release, ensuring a seamless continuation of your epic odyssey.

But hold your breath, for a new chapter is on the horizon. The forthcoming expansion, Dawntrail, shall grace our screens in the radiant summer of 2024. Within its hallowed depths, a new class shall emerge, known as the Viper. Picture this: agile and cunning warriors, striking with precision and venomous grace. A class like no other, ready to leave their indelible mark on the annals of Final Fantasy XIV. Brace yourselves, for a new era is nigh!

Cast your minds back to the year 2013 when Final Fantasy XIV first graced the realms of PlayStation and PC. Oh, how the Xbox fans yearned for a taste of this magical universe for nearly a decade! Rumors whispered of Phil Spencer's enigmatic words, claiming it was "just business." And yet, director Naoki Yoshida revealed a different tale, stating that Microsoft's refusal to permit cross-play with other platforms was the true barrier. However, the tides have shifted, and the stars have aligned. The Xbox Series X|S version was finally unveiled last year, granting Xbox adventurers their long-awaited passage into Eorzea.

And let us not forget the most recent expansion, Endwalker, which graced our screens in the year 2021. In GameSpot's Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker review, we proclaimed, "Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker reaches for the stars with its ambition and gets there--but not without a few turbulent hiccups along the way." Such is the nature of grand adventures, dear readers, for it is through trials and tribulations that heroes truly shine.

As we conclude this tale, remember that your voice holds power. Should you possess a valuable news tip or wish to communicate directly with us, fear not! Simply send an email to [email protected], and your message shall find its way to our eager ears.

Adventurers, mark your calendars and gird your loins, for the Xbox odyssey into Final Fantasy XIV is about to commence. A world of magic, beauty, and peril awaits you. Ready your blades, summon your spells, and let the echoes of your triumph reverberate throughout the realms of Eorzea!

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