Forest Hills: The Last Year, the upcoming horror game, is like a mad scientist concoction, blending the blood-curdling essence of Troma's most popular flicks into its gruesome gameplay. Picture this: you're wandering through the twisted depths of the game, only to stumble upon the grotesque figure of Toxie, the cult-classic splatter movie hero. Oh, the joy of wreaking havoc upon unsuspecting victims as this legendary superhero!

Now, let's rewind a bit and shed some light on the origins of Forest Hills: The Last Year. This game is the twisted offspring of Last Year: The Nightmare, an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that first slithered its way onto Discord in December 2018 before haunting Steam a year later. Back then, Elastic Games was the mastermind behind the madness. Unfortunately, like a cursed spell, bankruptcy cast its shadow over the Canadian studio, and Last Year vanished from all storefronts in late 2021.

But fear not! A new hero emerged from the darkness to resurrect the game. Undaunted Games, a brave company unafraid of the eerie unknown, swooped in to rescue the project in April 2023. Armed with determination and a touch of madness, Undaunted vowed to breathe new life into Last Year: The Nightmare, transforming it into Forest Hills: The Last Year, a sinister masterpiece set for release sometime in 2024.

In a dramatic twist, Undaunted made a spine-tingling appearance at Pax East 2024, donning their black capes of terror to announce a partnership with Troma Entertainment. For those unfamiliar, Troma is the twisted production company responsible for many famous B movies, the gruesome pioneers of the modern horror comedy genre. Together, Undaunted and Troma will unleash a beastly collaboration, bringing Troma's devilish delights into the wicked world of Forest Hills.

Prepare yourselves for a macabre feast of terrifying treats! Forest Hills: The Last Year will introduce a new playable class based on the legendary Toxie. Yes, you heard it right—step into the mangled shoes of this monstrous hero as you spread chaos and justice in equal measure. Forget about generic heroes; it's time to embrace your inner misfit and unleash your monstrous side upon the unsuspecting victims.

But that's not all, my fellow thrill-seekers. The crossover with Troma Entertainment will infuse the game with more wicked wonders. Imagine treading through a new themed map, a labyrinthine nightmare inspired by Troma's twisted tales. You'll encounter "Displaced" survivors, desperately clinging to their flickering hope of survival amidst the chaos. And beware of the additional environmental objects lurking in the shadows, waiting to be used as gruesome tools of destruction. Not to mention, an extra Fiend, born from the deepest recesses of Troma Entertainment's opus, will join the terrifying ensemble.

Undaunted Games' announcement of this spine-chilling partnership is just the beginning of their ambitious quest to expand the original version of Last Year: The Nightmare. They've teased us with whispers of more partnerships with famous horror franchises on the horizon. Rest assured, my friends, as the darkness deepens, more terrifying collaborations will be unveiled, sending shockwaves through the gaming world.

Now, I know you're eagerly awaiting an escape from this suspenseful narrative and a chance to dive headfirst into the wicked world of Forest Hills: The Last Year. While a concrete release date is still shrouded in mystery, Undaunted Games has promised to unleash the initial version of the game upon the unsuspecting masses in June 2024. Oh, the anticipation! But fret not, dear readers, for Undaunted is here to quench your thirst for terror. They're currently showcasing their Troma-inspired map and Fiend at booth 13085 in the Exhibitors Hall of Pax East. If you're brave enough, venture forth and witness the nightmare firsthand. The convention runs until Sunday, March 24, so you have ample time to test your courage.

For those unable to attend this spine-chilling spectacle, fear not! The curtains will part on March 21, at 9 am ET, as Undaunted takes to the digital stage and live-streams the game via their Twitch channel. Prepare to be enthralled by their unholy creation, as Forest Hills: The Last Year retains the fast-paced 5v1 gameplay loop that made its predecessor a haunting success.

So, my brave souls, areyou ready to embark on a diabolical journey through Forest Hills? Brace yourselves for Forest Hills Unleashed: A Horror Crossover Extravaganza! Immerse yourself in a world where Troma's iconic horror flicks merge with a twisted game, as Toxie himself wreaks havoc alongside an array of monstrous delights. Undaunted Games and Troma Entertainment have joined forces to create a nightmare that will leave you trembling in fear. Prepare to step into the shoes of the misfit heroes, traverse a labyrinthine nightmare, and unleash chaos upon the unsuspecting victims. This unholy collaboration marks just the beginning of Undaunted's wicked plans, with more sinister partnerships on the horizon. While the release date remains a mystery, the June 2024 debut of Forest Hills: The Last Year draws near. But fear not, for Undaunted has set up camp at Pax East, ready to showcase their fiendish creation. Can you withstand the terror that awaits? If you dare, step into the Exhibitors Hall and witness the Troma-inspired map and Fiend. And for those who can't make it, mark your calendars for March 21, 9 am ET, when Undaunted will livestream the game on Twitch. Get ready to be captivated by the relentless horror and the heart-pounding 5v1 gameplay. So gather your courage, my fellow thrill-seekers, as Forest Hills beckons. Will you survive the Last Year?

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