Fortnite, the game that has brought countless crossovers and collaborations to life, has yet to see a Nintendo collaboration. But that hasn't stopped players from dreaming and creating their own concepts. The latest creation to capture the imagination of fans is a Super Mario concept art that has Nintendo enthusiasts yearning for the day when the iconic plumber and his friends make their way into the Fortnite universe.

While PlayStation and Xbox have brought numerous characters to the Fortnite madness, Nintendo has remained noticeably absent. However, that hasn't dampened the creativity of players, as they continue to envision Nintendo-inspired concepts. One such concept, shared by JriftJA on Twitter/X, has caught the attention of fans and sparked their hopes for a Nintendo crossover.

JriftJA's concept art showcases not only Mario but also Luigi, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy. Each character is equipped with their own Gliders and Backbling, complete with well-thought-out descriptions and references to iconic elements from the Super Mario series. From the F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine to Toad, these details pay homage to the beloved franchise.

Mario: It’s-a me!
Luigi: "Professional" ghost hunter
Princess Peach: Who you callin' a damsel in distress?
Princess Daisy: The toughest princess there is!#Fortnite X #SuperMarioBros

The inclusion of Ernie the Giant Chicken in Fortnite stirred up some controversy due to the character's model. Similarly, the Super Mario concept faced some criticism, as the artist had to upscale each character to fit the Fortnite style. Nonetheless, the overall reception was positive, with players sharing their own desires for Nintendo characters to join the game. "I pray for the day we get Samus or Link in-game; eventually, Nintendo has to loosen up... right?" one player exclaimed. Another player expressed their hope for Wario's inclusion, albeit in the proportions of the Giant Chicken.

As the Fortnite community eagerly awaits a potential Nintendo collaboration, the possibilities for future crossovers are endless. Just imagine the thrill of exploring the Fortnite map as Link from The Legend of Zelda, wielding the Master Sword and battling enemies in iconic locations. Or picture Samus Aran, the intergalactic bounty hunter from the Metroid series, soaring through the skies with her high-tech suit and blasting opponents with her arm cannon. The potential for epic battles and unforgettable moments is simply mind-boggling.

Nintendo has a treasure trove of beloved characters that would bring a whole new level of excitement to Fortnite. Imagine the chaos that would ensue when Mario, Luigi, and their pals encounter other Fortnite icons like Master Chief, Kratos, or even Deadpool. The clash of these diverse universes would be a sight to behold, showcasing the true power of collaboration and the limitless creativity of the gaming world.

While we eagerly await the day when Nintendo finally joins forces with Fortnite, let's keep dreaming and imagining the possibilities. Share your ideas, fan art, and concepts, and let your voice be heard. Together, we can make a world where the Mushroom Kingdom collides with the Fortnite island, where the power of the stars combines with the power of building, and where the battle for victory royale takes on a whole new meaning.

So, Nintendo, the ball is in your court. The Fortnite community is ready and waiting for you to bring Mario and his friends into the fray. Let's make the impossible possible and embark on an adventure that will go down in gaming history. Fortnite's Nintendo Odyssey awaits, and we're ready to jump on that flagpole and take the leap of faith into a world where dreams become reality.

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