It's no secret that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been met with skepticism ever since its announcement years ago. And as the game's launch approached, that skepticism only intensified. Not surprisingly, this skepticism is now reflected not only in its less-than-stellar critical reception (with a lackluster Metacritic score of 62 at the time of writing), but also in its struggle to attract a substantial player base.

Even on Steam, Rocksteady Studios and WB Games' open-world looter shooter has failed to capture a significant audience. According to SteamDB, upon its worldwide release on February 2, the game reached a peak of just 13,459 concurrent players on Steam.

When compared to the impressive numbers achieved by other recent major releases like Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Tekken 8, and Persona 3 Reload – all of which are arguably more niche products than a AAA game based on a DC property from the creators of the Batman: Arkham series – Suicide Squad's rough start in the live service shooter genre becomes even more evident.

To put it into perspective, let's take a closer look at Crystal Dynamics' Marvel's Avengers, another superhero game that received widespread criticism for squandering its immense potential on a trend-chasing live service approach. Marvel's Avengers managed to reach an all-time peak of 31,165 concurrent players, which is more than twice as high as Suicide Squad's current peak, at least for now.

Meanwhile, Suicide Squad also appears to be faring considerably worse than WB Games' own co-op open-world superhero game, Gotham Knights, which launched in 2022 to lukewarm critical reception but enjoyed an all-time peak of 24,138 concurrent players.

In our review of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, we gave it a less-than-stellar score of 5/10, stating, "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League isn't the worst live-service title ever made, but its mediocrity is hard to deny, especially coming from a developer capable of so much more." Feel free to check out the full review here.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is currently available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Its first season of post-launch content will kick off in March, introducing The Joker as a playable character. Future seasons are set to bring in new bosses, playable characters, locations, and more.

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As the game's characters plunge into battle against the Justice League, chaos ensues. Harley Quinn swings her mallet with reckless abandon, sending a wave of laughter through the air. Deadshot takes precise shots, his bullets whizzing past enemies with deadly accuracy. King Shark, with his massive jaws, chomps down on anything foolish enough to come his way. And Captain Boomerang... well, he's mostly just throwing boomerangs.

Amidst the mayhem, the players, or lack thereof, become apparent. It's like a ghost town in the game's open world. The streets, once bustling with heroes and villains, now feel eerily empty. It's as if the citizens of Metropolis have decided to take a vacation, leaving the Suicide Squad to fight their battles in a deserted city.

But let's not forget the comparison to Marvel's Avengers, a game that soared to greater heights. The Avengers, with their iconic powers and personalities, captivated players worldwide. They assembled in great numbers, ready to save the day. On the other hand, the Suicide Squad finds themselves in the shadow of their heroic counterparts, struggling to attract the same level of attention.

To make matters worse, even WB Games' own Gotham Knights, with its lukewarm reception, managed to gather a decent crowd. The streets of Gotham were filled with crime-fighters, each bringing their unique skills to the fight. It seems that even the Dark Knight's sidekicks are outshining the Suicide Squad in popularity.

In the end, our review reveals a game that falls short of its potential. It's not the worst of its kind, but it fails to deliver the greatness we know its developers are capable of. It's as if the Suicide Squad themselves have been hit with a mediocrity ray, robbing them of the chance to shine.

As the game continues to evolve, promising new content is on the horizon. The Joker is set to join the squad, injecting a much-needed dose of chaos. And with future updates, players can expect to face new challenges, explore new locations, and perhaps even discover hidden surprises.

Will Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League rise from its troubled start and carve its place among the gaming elite? Only time will tell. But for now, the squad's journey to redemption is fraught with obstacles as they battle not only the Justice League but also the skepticism of players worldwide.

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