In the vast world of Monster Hunter Now, where hunters face off against fearsome creatures, there has always been one weapon that struggled to find its place—the Light Bowgun. It was regarded as the underdog, overshadowed by its more powerful counterparts and deemed unworthy by many hunters. But lo and behold, a bug has emerged, transforming this once feeble weapon into a force to be reckoned with, leaving players awestruck by its newfound strength.

For far too long, the Light Bowgun has been an underdog in the meta of Monster Hunter Now. It suffered greatly after Niantic nerfed its damage, making it difficult for hunters to justify its use when compared to other weapons. The mighty Bow, with its superior performance in almost every aspect, easily stole the spotlight, leaving the Light Bowgun in the shadows.

But fate works in mysterious ways, my dear hunters, and a new bug has emerged, altering the course of the Light Bowgun's destiny. This bug has unleashed unprecedented damage, allowing hunters to effortlessly shred through the health bars of their monstrous foes. It is not just potent; it has given Light Bowgun players a taste of true power for the first time since the December update.

A brave hunter by the name of JoriCal took to the official Monster Hunter Now Reddit page to share their astonishing discovery. In a thrilling clip, they showcased their encounter with a formidable 6-star Radobaan, armed with the Blizzard Cannon LBG. However, instead of relying on the usual Spread and Piercing shot types, JoriCal exclusively used Spread shots.

The result? A mind-blowing 100+ damage per shot to the Radobaan, thanks to their impeccable positioning within the critical distance. And the damage didn't stop there! Once a part break was achieved, exposing the monster's weak point, JoriCal unleashed an astonishing 139 damage per shot. The poor Radobaan didn't stand a chance and succumbed to its fate within mere seconds of the battle's commencement.

According to JoriCal, this incredible bug occurred due to a momentary lag at the start of the battle, causing them to shoot only one type of ammo. Whether this bug can be consistently replicated remains uncertain. Nonetheless, Light Bowgun enthusiasts are eagerly hoping to experience this stroke of fortune when taking part in the Barioth and Legiana event.

Imagine, fellow hunters, the sheer thrill of wielding a weapon once dismissed as weak, only to witness it rise like a phoenix from the ashes. The Light Bowgun, the humble underdog, has become an instrument of destruction, leaving monsters trembling in fear. It's a tale that epitomizes the essence of Monster Hunter Now—the unpredictable, the extraordinary, and the triumph of the unexpected.

So, my comrades in arms, let us celebrate this newfound power within the Light Bowgun. Embrace the bug that has breathed life into this once-neglected weapon. Let it be a reminder that even the most overlooked and underestimated can rise to greatness. In the ever-changing world of Monster Hunter Now, miracles can happen, and heroes can be born from the unlikeliest of circumstances. Are you ready to embark on this exhilarating journey? The hunt awaits!

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