Ah, Costa del Sol! The sun-kissed paradise that beckons Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth players to its sandy shores. But hold your Chocobos, my friends, because before you can dive into the crystal-clear waters, you'll need to suit up in some fabulous beachwear. Get ready for a splash-tastic adventure as we explore the world of swimsuits, mini-games, and relationship dynamics in this sun-soaked resort!

Now, here's the deal: to unlock access to the world-famous and jaw-droppingly beautiful beach, players must participate in a series of special mini-games. These mini-games will earn you Companion Cards, which are like golden tickets to the Beachwear Exchange. And trust me, folks, you'll want those cards in your pocket!

At the Beachwear Exchange, you'll find a total of six beach outfits, with two options each for Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa. Now, don't be fooled by their seemingly inconsequential nature. The beach outfits you choose in Chapter 6 actually have some significance, leaving players pondering over the crucial decision of which swimsuits to sport in Costa del Sol.

Each character has two styles of beachwear to choose from: a casual ensemble or a full-on swimsuit extravaganza. To keep Cloud's relationships with Aerith and Tifa on the up and up, you'll need to ensure that all three characters rock the same style. So, if you choose the radical Wild Surf for Cloud, make sure to pair it with the Pink Mermaid for Aerith and the sizzling Shining Spirit for Tifa. However, if you prefer to dress Cloud in his Ocean Chocobo outfit, then you'll need to go with the Floral Delight for Aerith and the majestic Majestic Glamour for Tifa. It's all about matching vibes, my friends!

Now, here's a little secret: technically, you only need enough Companion Cards to unlock one beach outfit for each character. But why settle for just one when you can have them all? That's right, you can go all out and collect all six outfits by diving headfirst into every Costa del Sol mini-game and story beat. The starting locations for these games are helpfully marked on your map, making them as easy to find as a seashell on the beach. But just in case you find yourself in a treasure hunt frenzy, we've got you covered with a full list of requirements below.

No matter which outfits you choose, the resulting cutscene will play out more or less the same, except for the appearance of our three fashion-forward heroes. However, if any of those characters match Cloud's chosen style, brace yourself for a special message on your screen. It will inform you that your taste in beachwear is in sync! And wait for it... another message will pop up, letting you know that Cloud's relationship with those matching characters has changed. Talk about making waves!

So, my fellow adventurers, get ready to make a splash in Costa del Sol! Grab your beachwear, unleash your inner fashionista, and let the sun-kissed shores of this tropical paradise weave their magic on your heart. Whether you're catching waves or simply basking in the warm glow, remember to dress to impress and make memories that will last a lifetime. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Costa del Sol awaits, and it's time to soak up the sun in style!

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