In the realm of remastered RPGs, one game is set to conquer the hearts of adventurers with its promise of open-ended fantasy role-playing fun and an army of custom-made mutant monsters. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to welcome the glorious return of Geneforge 2 – Infestation! Last year, this Kickstarter project surpassed all expectations, raising a staggering $76,777 from its humble $30,000 goal. And now, the wait is almost over, as Geneforge 2 – Infestation is slated to release on March 27.

Let us take a moment to appreciate the unique charm that Spiderweb Software's CRPGs bring to the gaming world. While they may not boast eye-popping visuals or flashy effects, they make up for it with depth, flexibility, and unparalleled open-endedness. The Geneforge Saga, a series of standalone games, epitomizes this distinctive approach. Immerse yourself in a sci-fi/fantasy world dominated by the enigmatic Shapers, wielders of godlike powers who create life itself. But tread carefully, for this realm is a tapestry interwoven with factions, each with their own complex motives and shades of gray.

The remastered edition of Geneforge 2 – Infestation is not merely a cosmetic upgrade. It goes beyond that, offering new areas to explore, quests to undertake, characters to meet, and dialogues to engage in. Brace yourselves for an overhauled interface and systems that will elevate your gaming experience to new heights. And as if that wasn't enough, prepare to confront a never-before-seen endgame monster, a creation birthed from the collective imagination of devoted fans.

Jeff Vogel, the visionary founder of Spiderweb Software, couldn't contain his excitement. Reflecting on the original game's success, he exclaimed, "Geneforge 2 was one of our biggest triumphs in the 30 years we've been in this business. Its ideas, paths, and player options remain fresh and unique even two decades after its initial release. We've poured our hearts into this refreshed, expanded remaster, and we're absolutely thrilled to finally unleash it upon the world."

But wait, my fellow adventurers, there's more! Before the official release on March 27, you'll have a chance to sample the mutant-infested delights of Geneforge 2 – Infestation. A demo will be available during the Steam Next Fest, a celebration of gaming excellence, from February 5 to February 12. Mark your calendars, gather your wits, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through a world where the line between creation and destruction blurs, where choices shape destinies, and where mutant monstrosities roam.

Dive into the Steam page and discover the wonders that await you in Geneforge 2 – Infestation. Unleash your imagination, assemble your army of mutants, and let the remastered RPG adventure begin!

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