As you dive into the game, you'll be given clear tasks that lead you towards your ultimate goal. Remember, not all chaos is created equal, and your actions will determine the outcome. With multiple endings waiting to be discovered, let this guide help you navigate through the steps to achieve all the different results.

Now, let's talk about the positive ending for our little troublemaker. Successfully skipping school represents the pinnacle of achievement in this game. To kickstart your adventure, your first task is to "Go talk to grandma." This may not seem like a chaos-inducing activity, but it serves as a periodic task. After causing some havoc around the house, talking to grandma acts as a litmus test to see if she's convinced enough to let you skip school. Find grandma by leaving your room and heading to the second room on your right, right next to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, grandma isn't easily swayed by your persuasive skills. She won't let you skip school just because you feel like it. But fear not, after completing the conversation with grandma, you'll receive your first chaos task: "Tip over the trash." Simply leave grandma's room and locate the trash can next to your room. Interact with it to complete the task and create a tiny mess.

Ah, now that you've tipped the trash, it's time for the next task: "Trample grandma's garden." Head outside, take a left, and keep walking until you reach the end of the fence. Behold, grandma's lovely garden awaits. Interact with it to trigger a cutscene where our little rebel dances on the garden, ruining it in the process.

Despite your best efforts, grandma is still not convinced to let you skip school. She's a tough cookie to crack. But don't despair, my fellow chaos enthusiasts! Your next task is to cause a "short circuit in the toaster." Make your way to the kitchen, located right next to your room, and interact with the toaster. Watch out for sparks!

Talking to grandma again, you'll receive the task to "burn grandma's knits." Look behind grandma, and you'll find her precious knits on the table. Go ahead and interact with them to complete the task. Grandma won't be too happy about it, but hey, chaos doesn't always come with a smile.

Now comes the fun part. Jump on grandma's bed and throw her pillows on the floor. Make a mess that even a tornado would envy. This will lead you to the next task without having to talk to grandma: "Turn the TV on loud." Leave grandma's room and head to the living room. Interact with the TV to fill the house with noise and commotion.

But wait, there's more! Your next task is to "Turn the Radio on loud." Take a trip to the living room once again and interact with the radio next to the garage door. Let the tunes blast through the house, amplifying the chaos.

Now, prepare for some aquatic escapades. You need to break the fish tank, located on the table in front of the TV. Interact with it and watch the water spill. Once the deed is done, it's time to go back to grandma to see if she's finally convinced.

To your dismay, grandma is still not budging. She's as resolute as ever. So, our chaotic journey continues! Brace yourself for the next task: "Break every painting and light them on fire." This task requires you to destroy nine paintings. The first set can be found in grandma's room.

Before you leave, go ahead and destroy four paintings in that room. As you make your way to the living room, you'll find another set of four paintings. The last one is patiently waiting in your own room. Let the flames of chaos dance!

As our little rebel runs amok in the house, Grandma remains concerned about his readiness for school. After talking to her once more and finding out she's still unconvinced, the next task is to "Take grandma's wig." Get close to grandma and interact to snatch her wig away. Oh, the audacity!

But where to hide the stolen wig? Head to the garage, and as you enter, you'll find the perfect spot to stash it away. Press that interaction button and let the wig find its temporary refuge.

Now, here's a twist: return to grandma's room. Not to talk to her, though. Your next task is to "Shortcircuit the power box." Head to the right side of grandma's room, and you'll find the power box on the wall. Interact with it to cause a little electrical chaos.

With all the chaos you've unleashed, it's time to check on grandma once again. This time, she finally agrees to let you skip school. Congratulations, you did it! You've successfully escaped the clutches of education for a day.

But remember, this is just one ending to the game. There are multiple paths to explore, each with its own unique outcome. Feel free to replay and experiment with different tasks to discover all the possibilities in this chaotic adventure.

So, get ready to embrace your inner mischief and embark on Grandma's School Escape in Roblox. It's time to create chaos, laugh uncontrollably, and experience the joy of skipping school in a virtual world bursting with pandemonium. Good luck, and may your rebellious spirit guide you through this wild journey!

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