In a stunning victory for democracy, Helldivers 2 has crash-landed onto the pinnacle of Steam's Global Top Sellers list, making it Sony's most successful launch on the platform to date. Despite some initial server hiccups, this multiplayer extravaganza has rallied an impressive player base, surpassing all expectations.

According to the data wizards at Steam DB, Helldivers 2 achieved the highest peak concurrent player-count for any Sony published game on Valve's digital distribution service. With a whopping 81,840 players banding together, they united to fend off the extraterrestrial adversaries plaguing Super Earth. That's over 8,000 more players than the legendary God of War managed to muster during its PC debut two years ago.

Not only has Helldivers 2 conquered the hearts of players, but it has also claimed the throne as the best-selling game on Steam in terms of revenue. It dethroned the Pokémon-pummeling phenomenon, Palword, and outmaneuvered long-standing occupants of the charts like PUBG, as well as Valve's own money-spinning stalwarts, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike 2.

The overwhelming popularity of Helldivers 2 caught its developers, Arrowhead Game Studios, off guard. They found themselves in "crisis mode" as their servers strained under the weight of droves of Helldivers cramming themselves into drop-pods, ready to unleash chaos upon the alien menace. Server issues have, unfortunately, left their mark on the game's Steam rating, currently labeled as "Mixed." Players have reported frequent crashes and being unceremoniously booted from their games. It's worth mentioning that these server hiccups aren't the only concerns players have voiced, with some also expressing dissatisfaction with the game's upgrade system and the prominence of microtransactions.

To their credit, Arrowhead swiftly released a hotfix on Steam that significantly stabilized the gameplay experience. However, it didn't address all of the issues raised by players. Nevertheless, as Fraser highlighted in his initial impressions, there is a gem of a game hidden beneath these teething problems. "The immaculate Starship Troopers vibes, the frenetic combat, the delicate balance between exploration and extraction before your ship strands you—there's a lot of great stuff here."

PC Gamer's comprehensive review of Helldivers 2 will be unveiled next week, providing a detailed analysis of this intergalactic adventure.

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