Destiny 2 has been through some tough times, my fellow guardians. But fear not! Bungie is pulling out all the stops to win back our hearts. They've taken a step in the right direction with the introduction of the Skimmer vehicle, a snazzy ride that not only looks different from your average Sparrow but also grants us improved air control. And let's not forget the upgraded Prophecy Dungeon. But hold on to your helmets, because Bungie has a free content update coming our way on April 9, and it's going to be a game-changer on three major fronts.

Now, I know you're itching for details about this mysterious update called "Into The Light." Bungie is keeping their cards close to their chest, but they've promised to unveil everything in a series of livestreams. The first one happened on March 19, and while we're still speculating about some things, it's clear that Bungie is heading in the right direction.

One intriguing aspect of the key art is the presence of two turrets. They look oddly friendly, like Scorpion turrets. Could this mean a horde mode is on its way? Turrets have never played a significant role in Destiny 2 before, but the reveal of the new onslaught mode seems to confirm our suspicions. Brace yourselves, guardians, because this is a turning point for our beloved looter shooter.

Remember those ominous Pyramid Ships lurking in the background? We've been waiting for them to make their move since forever. Well, guess what? The time has finally come! Into The Light will unleash a full-blown invasion of the city. This is huge, folks! We've faced our fair share of threats, but a city-wide invasion is uncharted territory. Destiny 2 is about to enter uncharted awesomeness, and it might just be the lifeline the game needs. We don't have all the details yet, but on paper, it sounds perfect.

And here's a juicy leak for you: old content might be making a comeback from the Destiny Content Vault. The rumors suggest that each week, a different vaulted planet or piece of content will be released. The key art for Into The Light seems to support this theory, as it showcases three Guardians wielding weapons we know and love. The Hunter is rocking a hand cannon reminiscent of Midnight Coup, and the Warlock wields a pulse rifle akin to Blast Furnace. Get ready, because the reward weapons stream next week is going to spill all the beans. It seems like Midnight Coup and Hung Jury might just be making a triumphant return.

For those who don't remember, Midnight Coup hails from the early days of the Leviathan Raid, while Hung Jury comes from the glorious Black Armory era. Those guns were the cream of the crop, my friends, and we've missed them dearly. Bringing back sections of the Leviathan Raid or even the mind-bending puzzles and fiery Forges from Black Armory would be a game-changer. Destiny 2 is in dire need of fresh content and powerful weapons, and it seems like Bungie is about to deliver.

So, guardians, fasten your helmets, polish your armor, and prepare for the arrival of Into The Light. Bungie is taking Destiny 2 to new heights with this epic game-changer. The Skimmer vehicle, the onslaught mode, the city invasion, and the return of beloved weapons—it's all coming together. Stay tuned, because April 9 is just around the corner, and we're about to embark on an adventure like no other. The light awaits, my friends!

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