Jade weapons, the highly anticipated additions in Overwatch 2's ninth season, have yet to be released in-game. However, an observant player has already noticed a major issue with these weapons, and it's causing quite a stir.

In addition to the usual updates like rank changes, leaver penalty updates, and new role passives, Jade weapons were supposed to bring a fresh burst of color to the game. Some players claimed to welcome this new addition, but the majority didn't share the same enthusiasm. They went as far as calling the Metallic Green color scheme "hideous." Ouch, that stings!

But the dissatisfaction doesn't stop there. One player took to Reddit to point out a significant problem with the Jade weapons: their color. In a visually captivating thread, they compared what a Jade weapon looks like to a Red/Green color blind person versus how it appears to the average player.

To their surprise, the Jade weapons, with their altered colors, heavily resemble the gold weapons already in the game. Talk about a mix-up! "I was a tad disappointed when I saw the new Jade guns because they look almost identical to the Gold guns to me. Do I really care? No, but it still may be sorta interesting to see the comparison," they explained.

Naturally, this comparison image sparked a wave of humorous comments from other players. They couldn't resist poking fun at the decision to introduce Jade as the newest color. "We have gold at home," one person jokingly said, while another cleverly dubbed the Jade weapons "Gold 2." Oh, the irony!

"I'm sorry, but this made me crack up. All this hype from the dev team just to give you the same thing," one user exclaimed, unable to contain their amusement. Meanwhile, another player couldn't help but wonder, "Why tf should we care about getting a green gun when we could just get a gold weapon." It's a valid point, really!

Beyond the jabs at the color of the weapons, a self-proclaimed partially colorblind person chimed in with their own insight. They questioned the purpose of these weapons and suggested a more inclusive and exciting alternative: customizable colors. Imagine the possibilities! It would not only be cooler but also more accessible to players with full colorblindness. Bravo for the brilliant idea!

While the release of Jade weapons in Overwatch 2's ninth season is still forthcoming, players are already buzzing with mixed feelings. The hype surrounding these weapons has been met with both disappointment and amusement. Who would've thought that a simple color change would cause such a commotion?

As we eagerly await the release of Jade weapons, let's hope the developers take these criticisms with a pinch of humor and make the necessary adjustments. After all, variety is the spice of life, and in the world of gaming, it's the colorful icing on the cake. Let's keep our fingers crossed for some truly jaw-dropping, visually stunning additions that will leave us all wide-eyed and speechless.

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