In the vast gaming universe, a fierce debate has raged on for years, pitting controllers against keyboards and mice. Now, this legendary conflict has found its battleground in Apex Legends, where controllers have risen to power with top pros like ImperialHal and Albralelie making the switch. However, as controller players dominate the ranks, Respawn Entertainment has decided to intervene and nerf their movement and configurations. Brace yourselves, legends, for a wild ride through the realms of competitive integrity!

The Great Divide:
Controllers have taken Apex Legends by storm, leaving mouse and keyboard players in the dust. The gap between them has become so apparent that Respawn Entertainment couldn't turn a blind eye. They have donned their armor and announced plans to weaken the controller's mighty reign.

A Twitter Battle Cry:
"Heads up, Legends! We’ve been rolling out some changers to [Apex Legends] to better protect the game’s competitive integrity," Respawn declared in a tweet, rallying their troops for the upcoming showdown. The changes aim to remove automated strafing and prevent the chaining of configuration files. It's a bold move, a strategic strike to level the playing field.

The Controller Conundrum:
In simpler terms, Respawn is disabling certain controller configurations that grant an unfair advantage in movement. Gone are the days of Neo-strafing and supergliding. The devs also issued a stern warning against any use of third-party tools, hardware, firmware, or software, emphasizing that cheating will not be tolerated. It's a call to honor, an end to the era of exploiting loopholes.

A Symphony of Cheaters:
As the battle intensifies, the gaming world has witnessed the rise of various software, such as reWASD, which made waves in games like CoD and The Finals. However, the Cronus Zen, a once-heralded champion, was tragically banned from the PS5 after a firmware update. The devs are keeping a watchful eye, ready to strike down any potential exploits and maintain order in the virtual realm.

The Controller's Last Stand:
For now, the devs are focusing on nerfing controller movement, but they have yet to touch the controversial topic of controller aim assist. This decision has sparked both relief and celebration within the community. TSM's Albralelie, a legendary figure himself, expressed his satisfaction with the nerfs, highlighting the fundamental difference between humans using keyboards and mice versus those who rely on macros. The line has been drawn, and the community has made its choice.

As the war between controllers and keyboards rages on in Apex Legends, the devs have taken decisive action to protect the game's competitive integrity. By nerfing controller movement and configurations, they are leveling the playing field and setting the stage for an epic showdown. In this ever-evolving battle, exploits will be crushed, and true skill will prevail. So, prepare yourselves, brave legends, for the clash of the gaming titans is nigh!