In the majestic realm of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, the journey doesn't end with the main story. No, my fellow adventurers, that's when the real quest begins—to ascend to new heights of power and unlock the full potential of your beloved characters. So, gather your wits and sharpen your blades as we delve into the treacherous art of leveling up like a pro!

Ah, leveling up, the sweet nectar of progress that grants you additional health, devastating attacks, and a sense of superiority over your foes. Fear not, for I shall bestow upon you the sacred knowledge of the most efficient methods to expedite your growth.

Now, my fellow warriors, listen closely! In the vast expanse of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, experience points can be acquired through a myriad of activities, from slaying enemies with fervor to completing quests with unwavering determination. As you traverse the main story, accompanied by a sprinkle of side quests, you shall witness your character's level soar to around 50, excluding the enigmatic Chapter 0. But hold your breath, for the true challenge awaits beyond this threshold.

Let us embark on this perilous journey together, starting with a secret weapon—a mystical artifact known as the Fast Learner Sigil. This marvel of power amplification bestows upon its bearer an accelerated growth rate, multiplying their gained experience based on the Sigil's level and quantity equipped. Alas, these precious Sigils are as rare as a unicorn sighting, obtained only from select sources. Fear not, for I shall unveil these secrets to you.

The elusive Fast Learner Sigils can be acquired by triumphing over the Fort Fumigation quest, granting you the coveted Fast Learner 1 Sigil upon its completion. Furthermore, the Juice of Jealousy quest rewards those with a taste for adventure with the illustrious Fast Learner 3 Sigil. But, my friends, should you crave more of these elusive treasures, there are two paths you can tread.

The first path leads to the Slimepede quest, a thrilling escapade filled with slimy adversaries. Within its confines, you shall face formidable foes and reap bountiful rewards of experience, MSP, and rupies. It is a haven for those seeking rapid growth, where with the aid of high-level Fast Learner Sigils, you shall ascend the ranks of power with unprecedented speed. Ah, the joy of watching your character's level skyrocket like a meteor streaking across the night sky!

But, dear adventurers, for those who prefer a more refined approach, the second path lies in the realm of Spellbooks. These enchanted tomes hold the power to grant an instantaneous surge of experience to the character of your choosing. Spellbooks come in three rarities—Copper, Silver, and Gold—each offering varying amounts of experience. Seek them in the vast corners of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, for they can be acquired through diverse channels.

Siero, the purveyor of wonders, shall exchange your Silver Dalia Badges for Silver Spellbooks, while Copper and Silver Spellbooks can be obtained using Gold Dalia Badges. However, be forewarned, my friends, for the stock of Spellbooks available for purchase with Gold Dalia Badges is limited. Alternatively, the cunning adventurers among you may stumble upon Spellbooks during side quests, relish them as first-time clear bonuses, or uncover them as treasures within Lyria's Journal Trophies. A slower path, perhaps, but one that will reward you nonetheless.

Now, let us delve into the realm of wisdom and strategy. Once you have conquered the main story, the path to greatness becomes clear, like a beacon guiding you through the storm. Engage in the highest level content available to you, my courageous comrades, for it is there that the true trials lie. While the allure of grinding character levels may tempt you, remember that it is often wiser to focus your efforts on other endeavors before plunging headlong into the fray.

Ah, but the journey does not end at level 100, my intrepid adventurers! Nay, it is but the beginning of a new chapter. Beyond this threshold, you shall continue to accumulate experience, unlocking bonus MSP with each level gained. And lo and behold, the fates shall bless you with a few Knickknack Shack Vouchers, allowing you to transmute Sigils and further enhance your arsenal.

So, my valiant warriors, heed my words and embrace the path of growth. Unleash the power within, for Granblue Fantasy: Relink awaits your ascent to greatness. May your blades be sharp, your spells be mighty, and your journey be filled with triumph and camaraderie. Adventure beckons, my friends, and the world of Granblue Fantasy: Relink is yours to conquer!

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