It's been over 15 long years since the last installment of Samus Aran's thrilling first-person adventures in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on the Nintendo Wii. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Metroid Prime 4 ever since its announcement in 2017. However, despite our anticipation, Nintendo has kept us in the dark, revealing little about the game's progress. It seems like Metroid Prime 4 has become the ultimate enigma, with even its target platform up in the air. So, let's piece together what we do know about this elusive title.

Development Rollercoaster:
Nintendo has remained tight-lipped about the release date of Metroid Prime 4, leaving us in a perpetual state of suspense. All we know is that the game is "in development" since its announcement at E3 2017. In 2019, Nintendo apologized for the delay, admitting that it had restarted development by handing the reins over to Retro Studios, the American studio behind the original Metroid Prime trilogy. Producer Kensuke Tanabe, a familiar face from the previous games, is also back on board. While these developments inspire hope for the game's quality, they offer no insight into when we can expect it. Nintendo's earnings reports continue to list Metroid Prime 4's release as TBA, leaving us hanging like a pixelated cliffhanger.

Plot Secrets and Cosmic Challenges:
As for the game's plot, details remain scarce. After the defeat of Dark Samus and Phazon in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus Aran stands ready to face the next cosmic challenge thrown her way. The specifics of this new adventure are a mystery, waiting to be unveiled like a hidden power-up in an unexplored sector.

Switching Platforms or Crossing Generations?
Initially, it seemed almost certain that Metroid Prime 4 would grace the Nintendo Switch. However, rumors now swirl about a potential successor to the Switch, leaving us uncertain about the game's destiny. Will it remain a Switch swan song, bid farewell as a cross-generation release, or become an exclusive for Nintendo's next console? Only time will tell.

The Tease: A Logo as a Trailer:
If a logo counts as a trailer, then behold the first official trailer for Metroid Prime 4! Exciting, right? Well, what you see is what you get. Will the logo undergo any changes? Will there be a catchy subtitle? These burning questions remain unconfirmed, leaving us to speculate and conjure up our own subtitles like "Metroid Prime 4: Samus Strikes Back" or "Metroid Prime 4: The Phazon Chronicles."

Multiplayer Mayhem or Solo Samus?
Amidst all the uncertainties, the inclusion of multiplayer in Metroid Prime 4 remains shrouded in mystery. While some previous Metroid Prime games had multiplayer modes, others did not. In an era where tacked-on multiplayer is becoming less common, we can't rule out the possibility of joining forces with fellow bounty hunters or battling it out in intergalactic arenas. The multiplayer debate continues, fueling the imagination of fans across the galaxy.

Preorders and Bonuses: A Galactic Waiting Game:
Unfortunately, you can't currently preorder Metroid Prime 4. Once preorders go live at major retailers, like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and Target, we'll be sure to update you on any exciting bonuses they offer. Nintendo games typically come with physical goodies rather than in-game content, so keep your eyes peeled for limited edition Samus Aran action figures or Morph Ball stress balls.

Metroid Prime 4 remains an enigmatic adventure, shrouded in mystery and unanswered questions. While we eagerly await its arrival, Nintendo continues to keep us guessing about its release date, platform, plot, and features. Will Samus Aran's next mission redefine the franchise or leave us longing for more? Only time will tell. Until then, fellow space explorers, keep your Power Suit polished and your Arm Cannon charged, as the countdown to Metroid Prime 4 continues, one pixel at a time.

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