While the game is still in its early access stage, some bugs have been patched up by the diligent developers at Pocket Pair. However, a few glitches have managed to persist, becoming part of the game's quirky charm. Among these persistent bugs are the infamous flooding battles, where players find themselves knee-deep in water during heated encounters. Then there's the peculiar case of Penking, the lovable Pal who mysteriously transforms into a towering giant monstrosity. And let's not forget the bug that allows players to skip entire dungeons, leaving us scratching our heads in disbelief.

But the glitch that has truly captured the imagination of the Palworld community is the one that has left Dinossom, a Grass and Dragon-type Pal, in a perpetual state of bending. Picture this: Dinossom, dutifully gathering wood or performing other tasks around your base, but with its back arched at an impossible angle. It's as if this Pal has decided to join an impromptu limbo competition and got stuck halfway through!

One intrepid player, the Reddit user MightyYo, shared a video clip showcasing the hilariously bugged Dinossom. The footage begins with Dinossom striking a tree, its head lifting ever so slightly with each swing, as if defying the laws of physics. The camera then pans to reveal Dinossom strolling near a workbench, accompanied by Cattiva, giving us a sense of just how far back this mischievous creature is leaning. But the glitch doesn't stop there! As Dinossom turns to face a different direction, it leans forward just as dramatically as it did backward, seemingly caught in an eternal seesaw of awkwardness.

The Palworld community has been abuzz with speculation about the cause of this glitch. Some suggest that Dinossom might have suffered a back injury during an ill-fated adventure, while others propose that it simply got captured in an incredibly precarious position. MightyYo himself questioned whether this bending Dinossom was normal, but the lack of similar sightings by other players suggests that this glitch is a unique phenomenon. Perhaps Dinossom became entangled in a halfway animation related to its wood-gathering task, unable to find its way back to an upright position. Regardless of the reason, one would think that Dinossom should be able to stand up straight after completing other tasks or being confined to a Pal Sphere momentarily. Alas, the video ends before we witness Dinossom's triumphant return to normality.

Comparisons between Palworld and the iconic world of Pokémon are inevitable, but it's safe to say that the latter's creatures rarely exhibit such peculiar behavior. It's no wonder that MightyYo and the rest of the Palworld community are left scratching their heads in bewilderment. But fear not! Despite this visual bug, which doesn't seem to have any negative impact on gameplay, MightyYo can rest assured that the developers at Pocket Pair are tirelessly working to address such issues. With each update and patch, the chances of bidding farewell to the bending Dinossom glitch grow ever higher.

In the meantime, let us relish in the absurdity of Palworld's glitches. These unexpected quirks and comical mishaps remind us that even in the realm of video games, the unexpected can bring joy and laughter. So, fellow Palworld adventurers, embrace the bending Dinossom and all the other delightful surprises this game has to offer. After all, in a world where glitches can bend reality, anything is possible!

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