Encumbrance. Just the word alone is enough to make any gamer cringe. Who needs the burden of realism when all we want is to see our little loincloth-clad hero effortlessly carry 99 washing machines in an invisible back pocket while sprinting up a mountain? Say it with me: encumbrance in video games? No, thank you!

Enter Palworld, the flavor-of-the-moment game that claims to be all about Pokémon with guns but is, at its core, a survival game. And if there's one thing survival games love to do, it's to slap you with all sorts of nonsense about encumbrance. Palworld follows the typical genre conventions with its inventory management, item-stacking, inventory chests, personal inventory, and, of course, the dreaded encumbrance penalties. Want to build a majestic stone fortress? Well, get ready to haul an absurd amount of stone back to your base.

But fear not, my fellow Palworld players, for one clever individual named BeyondSmash has found a way to turn the tables on this encumbrance madness (first brought to our attention by GamesRadar+). They discovered a nifty glitch that allows you to place stacks of items in a suspended state within the inventory menu. These items exist in a weightless limbo, as if they have been transported to a little pocket dimension (which is exactly how it should be!). No encumbrance penalties, no problem! You can carry everything you need in one go, right where you need it.

To activate this glitch, simply open a chest, drag an item or a stack out of it, and then close the chest menu with the tab button. The item will remain on-screen, linked to your character, but without any associated weight, as demonstrated below.

[Insert hilarious and visually captivating demonstration]

Of course, there are a few limitations to this glitch. You won't be able to fast-travel, as doing so will send the limbo items back to their original chest. Also, you can only move one stack at a time, although that stack can contain a whopping 9,999 items. But fear not, for even with Palworld's most recent patch, allowing you to move around while encumbered (a significant improvement from being rooted in place), this glitch still works like a charm.

The applications of this glitch are marvelous. You can now hoard a plethora of resources wherever you desire with far less hassle. Many Palworld players have expressed their desire to see the encumbrance mechanic removed within bases, a reasonable request that would make resource planning and transportation a breeze. Until then, however, life finds a way, and this glitch is here to save the day.

But let's not forget the other intriguing happenings in Palworld. This game continues to enjoy unprecedented success in terms of sales, and players are uncovering hidden secrets that were probably too audacious even for Palworld itself. The game's striking resemblance to Pokémon has caught the attention of the Pokémon Company, leading to some amusing outcomes. Take, for instance, this "legally distinct" mod that cheekily mocks Pokémon with characters like the yellow rat and fire fox. The bewildered developers behind Palworld are now scrambling to keep up with the unexpected triumph, with Pocketpair's founder describing their journey as "the antithesis of proper game development."

So, my fellow Palworld enthusiasts, rejoice! Embrace the glitched pocket dimension and bid farewell to encumbrance woes. Let your loincloth-clad hero sprint up mountains, carrying an infinite number of washing machines and all the resources you desire. Palworld's encumbrance may have tried to weigh us down, but we have found a way to soar above it all, defying the laws of inventory management with style and humor.

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