Final Fantasy XIV's latest expansion, Endwalker, has brought us the exhilarating Pandaemonium raid series. This epic adventure takes the Warrior of Light to Elpis, where they must reclaim the holding cells for a variety of beasts. However, not all fights in Pandaemonium were created equal, and we're here to rank them from worst to best. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of savage battles!

Starting off on a low note, we have The Seventh Circle (P7), which unfortunately falls short of expectations. Agdistis, the wall boss, had the potential for an intense and challenging fight. Instead, we were left with basic mechanics and a savage difficulty that saved all the difficult stuff for the end. To add insult to injury, some players resorted to third-party tools, causing plugin controversy and reminding us of the precarious nature of punishment. On the bright side, the music in this fight is an absolute banger!

As we descend further into the abyss, we encounter Abyssos: The Sixth Circle (P6), a disappointment similar to its predecessor. P6 offered intriguing concepts, but they were poorly executed in the savage difficulties. Mechanics felt overly simple, requiring minimal effort from players. It was a struggle to remember which part of the fight we were even at, as nothing felt wholly original. Nevertheless, P6 was slightly better than P7, and it shares the same amazing soundtrack that still manages to blow us away!

Prepare for an encounter with Elidibus, the long-standing friend turned rival, in Anabaseios: The Eleventh Circle (P11). This battle revolves around Themis, Elidibus' alter ego, and the balance between light and dark mechanics. Although P11 is one of the easier fights in Pandemonium, it presents unique challenges with light party splits and precise dodging of telegraphed AOEs. However, the savage difficulty falls short, feeling underwhelming for the second-to-last boss of the raid. Nonetheless, the music in this fight, known as Fleeting Moment, is an absolute masterpiece.

Let's rewind to the beginning and step into Asphodelos: The First Circle (P1), our first taste of raiding in Endwalker. As the opening fight, it serves its purpose well, introducing players to the world of raids. P1 and its savage difficulty are simplistic yet engaging, gradually increasing the challenge with combined attacks and the introduction of difficult mechanics. It's perfect for new players joining in the later stages of the expansion. However, as the journey progresses, P1 loses its shine when compared to its peers.

Prepare for a standout fight in The Fourth Circle of Pandaemonium (P4). Hesperos, the boss of this encounter, presents a unique mechanic based on the chosen tile, with each element corresponding to a different attack. The fight becomes even more mind-boggling in the savage difficulty, where players must take the opposite of the cast they're given. And let's not forget the orb soaking mechanic, which initially feels like a non-mechanic but holds hidden challenges. Despite lacking variety, P4 quickly fades into the background as we move on to more exciting battles.

In the realm of Anabaseios: The Ninth Circle (P9), we face Kokytos, a transforming being who tests our mettle with fire, ice, martial arts, and even meteors. This fight serves as a simple introduction to the Anabaseios tier, providing clearly showcased mechanics while still offering some difficulty. Limit Cut 1 proves to be a formidable obstacle, stumping many raiders on its release day. Although there are some challenges in Limit Cut 2 and the Martialist form, they pale in comparison to the wall that is Limit Cut 1. Kokytos fulfills its purpose admirably, setting the stage for more thrilling encounters.

Now, let's talk about the unexpected gem of Asphodelos: The Third Circle (P3), also known as Phoinix. This fiery bird takes center stage in a visually overwhelming orange arena, bombarding the Warrior of Light with blazing attacks. Despite the eye-burning experience, the mechanics are punishing, even in normal mode. Brace yourself for an intense showdown that will test your reflexes and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Pandaemonium raid series in Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion offers a mixed bag of exciting battles and missed opportunities. From lackluster encounters to unforgettable showdowns, each fight brings its own flavor to the table. As we journey through the holding cells of Elpis, we experience triumphs and disappointments, accompanied by an awe-inspiring symphony of melodies that elevate the entire experience.

So, grab your weapons, don your armor, and embark on an unforgettable adventure through the Pandaemonium raid series. It's time to face the unknown, conquer the beasts, and leave your mark on the annalsof Final Fantasy XIV history. May your journey be filled with chaos, melodies, and the triumph of the Warrior of Light!

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