Persona 3 Reload: Battling Shadows and Fear in the Hierophant's Lair

Welcome, fellow Persona summoners, to the treacherous world of Persona 3 Reload! In this edition, we dive into the heart-pounding boss battle against the Arcana Hierophant, a towering Shadow determined to strike fear into the hearts of your party. With no weaknesses to exploit, you'll need to unleash your full power to emerge victorious.

Picture this: Yukari barges her way into the party for this battle, leaving you with only two party members to face off against the daunting Hierophant. But that's not all! Brace yourself for another boss fight right after, and here's the kicker: you can't change your party between battles. Talk about a challenging situation!

On July 6, as you join SEES in preparation for the Full Moon operation, Yukari demands to be a part of your party for the night's battle. No matter how hard you try to convince her otherwise, she stands firm, and you can't switch her out through the party member menu. So, embrace the challenge, my friend, and choose your remaining two teammates wisely. Your fate in battle depends on it.

Now, let's talk strategy. With the Lovers Arcana's fiery magic, we recommend bringing Junpei and Akihiko into the boss battle once again. Mitsuru's vulnerability to fire and the boss's immunity to Charm make her a liability in the second fight. You definitely don't want to give the boss an advantage with a devastating follow-up attack. So, assemble your team carefully and prepare for an intense showdown.

To make your journey a bit smoother, we suggest being between Level 20-22 for the battles ahead. Remember, preparation is key!

As you enter the hotel, head up to the third floor. Unlike Tartarus, you won't encounter any pesky shadows lurking in the halls. Enjoy the freedom to explore and make your way to the large, elegant door on the far right side of the third floor. This is where the Hierophant awaits. Take a deep breath, gather your courage, and step inside to initiate the fight.

In this battle, the true challenge lies in handling the status ailments the boss Shadows will try to inflict. The Hierophant will attempt to spread fear among your team. Watch out for its Doomsday Doctrine attack, especially when fewer than two party members are already afflicted. It's a sneaky move, so stay on your guard.

Dealing with fear is no laughing matter. Teammates who are afraid may become paralyzed with terror, causing them to occasionally skip their turn in battle. No matter what command you give them, fear grips them tightly, and their turn is lost. It's crucial to have a way to cure fear within your party, whether through items, your Personas, or Yukari's innate ability to use Patra. Ignoring this risk is a gamble you can't afford, especially when the boss possesses devastating spells.

Remember, timing is everything. Unleash your Theurgy skills as soon as they're charged to deal massive damage that surpasses your teammates' regular attacks. This is your first Full Moon operation with access to Theurgy skills, so don't forget to utilize them. And don't underestimate Fuuka's support abilities. She can provide powerful stat boosts or replenish your HP when you're in a tight spot.

So, my brave Persona wielders, prepare yourselves for a showdown in the Hierophant's lair. Battle the Shadows, conquer your fears, and unleash the power within. Will you emerge triumphant, or will the Hierophant's tricks be your undoing? The fate of your party rests in your hands. Good luck, and may the Arcana guide you to victory!

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