As World of Warcraft's Season of Discovery gears up for its second phase, players are rallying together, demanding that Blizzard brings some much-needed changes to plate armor. It's time for this armor type to regain its competitive edge in the face of more challenging content.

For the uninitiated, World of Warcraft offers four types of armor: cloth, leather, mail, and plate. While Season of Discovery has introduced more gear options to the Classic formula, plate armor has found itself in a sorry state. It's undeniable that plate currently falls behind other armor types, as the stat boosts it offers are outmatched by pieces made from different materials. This has led classes that traditionally wear plate to opt for alternatives instead.

Now, the World of Warcraft community is calling upon Blizzard to address this issue before plate armor becomes obsolete. A passionate player took to Reddit, urging the developers of Season of Discovery to make significant improvements to the available plate armor items in Phase Two.

Of course, while datamining has provided us with a glimpse of what's to come, there are still plenty of surprises awaiting players. Whether or not plate armor will be in the spotlight remains uncertain. However, it's reasonable to assume that additional options catering to plate-wearing classes might be on the horizon.

While many players echoed the sentiment, some couldn't help but express their skepticism. One player remarked, "I don't think it will happen. Right now, I'm just hoping for big physical hits in gnome so that tanks focus on plate items and don't roll on leather/mail as well—lol."

Another frustrated player added, "Yeah, I really don't understand why Blizzard is trying to imitate the janky stat distribution as if it's a beloved feature. Warriors running around in leather/mail/plate gear doesn't add charm to the game; it just screws everyone else over because now we're competing with an extra set of people."

Regardless of the outcome, the competition for gear in the game's endgame activities is bound to be intense. Furthermore, the highly anticipated raid adaptation of Gnomeregan promises significant rewards. Whether or not these rewards include competitive plate armor remains to be seen.

As the battle for balance rages on, we can only hope that Blizzard hears the pleas of the community. May the clashing sounds of swords on shields echo through Azeroth, heralding the triumphant return of plate armor's glory. Until then, adventurers must remain vigilant, ready to adapt their strategies and seek the most formidable gear available. The fate of plate armor hangs in the balance, waiting to reclaim its rightful place among the elite.

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