In the world of Pokemon GO, players unite to take on formidable foes in epic Raid battles. Each Raid presents its own level of difficulty, and for the tougher challenges, it's expected that trainers bring their most powerful Pokemon to swiftly conquer the opposition. However, not everyone follows this unspoken rule, and the community is buzzing with discontent.

A screenshot shared on the Pokemon GO subreddit perfectly captures the essence of the issue. Amidst a group of battle-ready Pokemon, stands a Stantler, an underwhelming choice for such a high-stakes Raid. Veteran players, quick to express their frustration, wonder aloud, "Who brings Stantler to a 5* raid?"

The blame falls on the so-called "low levels," those new to the game who may not yet grasp the intricacies of battle strategy. Some argue that these inexperienced trainers simply tag along for the ride, lacking the knowledge to make optimal choices.

But not everyone shares the sentiment of disdain. Some players come to the defense of these newcomers, stating that they are always welcome in raiding groups, regardless of their level or the Pokemon they bring. It's a heartwarming reminder that community and inclusivity prevail even in the face of suboptimal choices.

Of course, there are those who point out the irony of the original poster's complaint. One user hilariously questions their decision, remarking, "Bro, you brought a Gyarados? Don't you have any ice types?" It seems that even the accuser may have made a questionable choice of their own.

Amidst the heated debate, one player delivers a succinct, yet resounding response: "Shut up, nerd." A fitting retort that perfectly encapsulates the passionate disagreements that arise within the Pokemon GO community.

While the outcome of the Raid in question remains unknown, one thing is clear—Pokemon GO players have strong opinions when it comes to battle choices. Whether it's a clash between power and peculiar options or a clash of egos, the world of Pokemon GO continues to be a vibrant and lively arena where trainers put their skills and Pokemon to the test.

So, the next time you find yourself preparing for a Raid, remember, there may be more at stake than meets the eye. Choose your Pokemon wisely, embrace the diversity of the community, and above all, be prepared for a wild ride.

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