In the realm of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, where flashy combos and devastating powers reign supreme, there's one character who stands out from the crowd: Rackam, the master of ranged warfare. Armed with his trusty rifles and a pistol that packs a serious punch, Rackam is a force to be reckoned with. Don't let his unique playstyle fool you—this sharpshooter is every bit as powerful as his peers.

If you're a player who enjoys a more laid-back approach focused on dealing damage, Rackam is your go-to choice. While he may not boast the same flashy moves as other characters, his results speak for themselves. Let's dive into a quick guide that covers all the essentials of this formidable character.

Rackam's role is to rain down a storm of rifle fire upon his foes from a safe distance. His gameplay revolves around building up his Heat Gauge to accelerate the charge time for his signature attack, the Bull's Eye Blast. This charged strike is where Rackam truly shines, and every other aspect of his arsenal supports him in unleashing it more frequently. The key to mastering Rackam is to maintain the Heat Gauge at least 80% full, using basic attacks and offensive skills to accumulate Heat whenever it dips below that threshold.

One often overlooked aspect of Rackam's skill set is his Rhythmic Trigger support ability, which enhances the damage of his basic attacks when executed with proper timing, much like Siegfried. Hold down the attack button to unleash a three-round burst, then press and hold it again a moment later to release a stronger stream of bullets. Mastering the rhythm takes some practice, but you'll know when Rhythmic Trigger kicks in by the captivating audiovisual cue.

In addition to his charged attacks, Rackam possesses offensive skills like Coffinmaker and Collateral Damage, offering players versatile options for dealing with different adversaries. Coffinmaker works wonders against weaker foes or when you need to squeeze in extra damage between charged shots. On the other hand, Collateral Damage unleashes devastating bursts on a concentrated area. To kick off your assault, begin with Spitfire to lower your target's defense—a simple yet effective skill that also makes Rackam a reliable AI-controlled teammate in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Among Rackam's arsenal, Wild Gunsmoke stands as his most potent self-buff. It not only increases his attack power and critical hit rate but also keeps the Heat Gauge from depleting, granting you precious seconds to unleash an onslaught of consecutive Bull's Eye Blast shots. For an additional punch, pair this with Double Tap to enhance the potency of your regular shots. Just beware of activating both at the same time, as Bull's Eye Blast doesn't benefit from Double Tap.

Rackam, a DPS hero in the ranks of characters like Narmaya and Lancelot, thrives with high critical hit stats due to his impressive attack speed. To maximize his damage output, equip him with the Tiamat Bolt Omega, a weapon that carries you through the entire game. And like any other character, as soon as his Terminus Weapon becomes available, it should adorn his hands.

The Tiamat Bolt Omega boasts an innate Critical Hit Rate that grows stronger as the weapon is upgraded. To further enhance its offensive potential, infuse it with Critical Damage, leaving room for Sigils in the future.

While progressing towards the endgame, equip the usual early-game Sigils in Granblue Fantasy: Relink to boost Rackam's DPS and survivability. However, prioritize acquiring the War Element Sigil as early as possible. With this Sigil, your attacks deal bonus damage to all targets as if they were weak to Fire—except, of course, if you're attacking something that already has a Fire weakness.

As you venture further, make sure to equip DMG Cap Sigils for even more devastating damage, and don't forget to include a Guts Sigil as a safety net. Most endgame enemies possess the power to obliterate you in a single blow, so having the ability to cheat death is often more valuable than stacking defensive stats.

Rackam is a self-sufficient powerhouse who doesn't necessarily require specific team compositions to shine. As long as he can maintain his rotations and avoid taking hits, he'll excel. However, certain characters can make his job easier by making enemies more manageable or providing him with additional offensive buffs. Some notable allies for Rackam include:


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