In a surprising turn of events, Rainbow Six Siege players are discovering that their unwanted cosmetics may hold more value than they thought. Ubisoft has just launched the beta version of the Rainbow Six Marketplace, an online platform where players can sell their unwanted in-game cosmetics for R6 Credits. While the marketplace is accessible to everyone, only selected beta testers are currently allowed to buy and sell items.

The beta testers wasted no time in seizing this opportunity. On the launch day, the marketplace was flooded with thousands of listings for various gun skins, headgears, outfits, and charms. Although we can't see the details of individual transactions, we can observe the number of items available for sale, the range of R6 Credits they're being sold at, and the price at which the last one sold. And if these numbers are anything to go by, players are already splurging $30, $60, and even over $100 on rare cosmetics.

Among the most coveted items are the "Glacier" gun skins, which were exclusively available during the game's first season in 2016. As of now, the Glacier MP5 skin has 12 listings, with the most recent one selling for a whopping 20,000 R6 Credits, equivalent to approximately $125. Other high-value items include the Death Sentence Jäger headgear, which last sold for 35,000 credits (around $200), a charm given to attendees of the 2018 Six Invitational that sold for 50,000 credits (over $300), and a 2019 Six Invitational 416-Carbine skin that reportedly fetched over $600 worth of credits.

However, it's important to take these numbers with a grain of salt. While the marketplace seems to be bustling with real transactions, it's difficult to determine the accuracy of every listing at the moment. Some legendary items display an exorbitant "last sold" price despite having no active sale orders. This could mean that all these exceptionally rare cosmetics have been sold, and no new listings have been added, or it could be a test listing used to beta test the storefront.

It should come as no surprise that some players are willing to part with a small fortune for the rarest items. Many of these sought-after cosmetics were originally obtained during limited-time events or esports tournaments and are now virtually impossible to acquire by any other means.

This strong showing by the marketplace, despite being online for less than 24 hours, is reminiscent of the thriving marketplace in Counter-Strike, where individual skins regularly sell for thousands of dollars. However, the Rainbow Six Marketplace differs in that R6 Credits can only be used to purchase other Rainbow Six items. Ubisoft aims to maintain the game's growing economy within its own ecosystem. Thus, the grey market workarounds that exist in Counter-Strike, enabling players to buy and sell skins outside Valve's oversight, have yet to emerge in Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft assures players that it has implemented measures to ensure this remains the case.

It's worth noting that not all Rainbow Six cosmetics can be sold in the marketplace. The items currently available for sale were either obtained through Alpha Packs or distributed during events. Bundles purchased directly from the in-game store are off-limits for sale. Alas, it seems like I won't be striking it rich in Siege anytime soon, as the most valuable skin I own is currently valued at a modest $15.

In this ever-evolving digital world, Rainbow Six Siege's Marketplace has emerged as a treasure trove where unwanted cosmetics can turn into digital gold. Players are now discovering the hidden worth of their virtual possessions, while Ubisoft carefully manages the game's economy, ensuring that the marketplace remains an exciting and internal facet of the Rainbow Six Siege experience.

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