Burnout fans, buckle up and hold onto your seats because it seems like a new game is about to hit the racing scene! The tire-squealing excitement started when developer Stellar Entertainment discreetly hinted at a "AAA arcade racing title" on their website. Now, that may not reveal much, but what really revved up Burnout fans' engines was the downright peculiar tweet that followed. In this cryptic message, the studio playfully warns, "you're about to get rear-ended." Talk about a wild ride!

With the tweet's quirky image and the statement, "And the bosses still haven't issued any take downs!" Burnout fans couldn't help but connect the dots. They immediately recalled the adrenaline-pumping "Takedowns" from the beloved Burnout series, and when mixed with all the talk of getting "rear-ended," it's no wonder fans are convinced that Stellar Entertainment is secretly cooking up a brand new Burnout game.

Over on Twitter, an uproar of hope and pleas flooded the platform, with one user exclaiming, "PLEASE BE A NEW BURNOUT GAME I'VE BEEN DYING FOR ONE FOR AGESSSS." Another user added, "IF THIS SHIT MEANS BURNOUT, WE ARE SO F***ING BACKKBWKQKS." Clearly, the Burnout fever is spreading like wildfire, and fans are ready to hit the pedal to the metal once again.

Interestingly enough, September 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the groundbreaking release of Burnout 3 back in 2004 (can you believe it?). While this exciting coincidence fuels the flames of anticipation, there is no concrete evidence that Stellar Entertainment plans to release a remastered version of Burnout 3 to commemorate the occasion. So, while we can dream, let's not get our hopes up too high just yet.

Let's not forget that Stellar Entertainment has a history with the Burnout series. They previously worked their magic on the remaster of Burnout Paradise a few years ago, and their collaboration with EA extended to the critically acclaimed Need for Speed: Remastered and the underrated racer, Need for Speed: Unbound, from 2022. With their website teasing "launch readiness," it seems like the finish line is in sight, and a grand reveal could be just around the corner.

In the meantime, if you're itching for some high-octane thrills, check out our comprehensive ranking of the best racing games ever. It's filled with exhilarating options that will keep you entertained until Stellar Entertainment finally unveils their new game. Get ready to burn rubber, my friends!

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