Let us first don our thinking hats and mosey on down the trail of reason. While Rockstar has a knack for crafting sequels, their approach to the Red Dead saga has been as unpredictable as a bandit's next move. Red Dead Redemption 2, a prequel to its predecessor, strutted onto the scene like a dapper outlaw, defying expectations with its interconnected tale. Yet, let us not forget that Rockstar's repertoire boasts anthology series such as Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt, where the stories dance independently within a shared universe. Thus, a third entry in the Red Dead saga would be a first of its kind, a wild stallion galloping into uncharted territory.

The bedrock of our speculation rests upon the assumption that Red Dead Redemption 3 is indeed in the works. It is an assumption as bold as a gunslinger's smirk, forged from the fires of past success. But let us not be blinded by this assumption, for Red Dead Redemption 2 stands alone as a phoenix rising from the ashes of its predecessor. Just because Rockstar chose to craft a direct prequel does not guarantee a repeat performance.

Now, let us slink back into the shadows of history, where a forgotten gem waits to be polished. Red Dead Revolver, the pioneer of the series, sauntered onto the stage in 2004, paving the way for the epic saga we know and love. Yet, beyond the surface similarities and hidden treasures, Revolver and Redemption share little more than a nod of recognition. To simplify matters, think of Red Dead Redemption as a GTA-style sequel to Revolver, a game that inhabits the same universe and echoes a similar tone without being intricately entwined in a grand narrative.

When we wander into the realm of Red Dead Redemption 3, we often find ourselves shackled to the notion of a direct link to its predecessor. However, let us not neglect the possibility that Rockstar might dabble in the art of repetition. Picture a spiritual successor to RDR2, set in a different era, with a fresh cast of characters ready to spin their own yarns of adventure and redemption. Oh, the tales that could be woven, as vibrant as a desert sunset!

But wait, dear readers, do not holster your curiosity just yet. While pondering the origins of the Van der Linde Gang or the post-Red Dead 2 escapades of Sadie Adler may be a tantalizing pastime, let us be mindful of the treacherous quicksand of assumptions. These theories, as beguiling as a siren's song, rest upon the fragile foundation that the game exists and will continue the narrative lineage. Speculation is the spice of life, but we must tread lightly, for the path ahead may fade before our very eyes.

As the sun sets on our journey through the untamed wilderness of speculation, remember, dear outlaws, that the future of Red Dead Redemption is as elusive as a sly coyote. Until Rockstar decides to unveil its hand, we shall remain in a state of limbo, savoring the echoes of past adventures and eagerly anticipating the next chapter, be it a direct sequel or a vivid departure into uncharted territories. So, saddle up, fellow gunslingers, and keep your eyes fixed on the horizon. Who knows what wonders await us in the ever-enigmatic world of Red Dead Redemption?

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